''WildThing'' Reborn

WildThing, (so named because of the wild abstract layup on the original) was a 10 foot version of the ‘‘WindanSea Special’’, circa 1966. The reborn version, redesigned down to 7’ 2’’ , and updated to perform ‘‘modern maneuvers’’ will be available as a Single, Twingle, or classic TriFin. What makes the design so versatile, is the successful marriage of classic gun and ‘‘hotdog’’ board features. It will have a shallow diamond tail. This thing may well get me back in the water, on a regular basis. My personal version will be sporting the secret foil on the fin/or fins.

Cant wait for those modern hotdog manuvers. get in dat water

“wild thing you make my heart sing” …that was fun…
80’s band…not quite punk called “X”… I thing it was something like …wild thing you make my wang twang … or maybe my thing wing or ??? Great stuff…
If I ever see that resinButt kid in the water I;m going to give him the North County Slam. Send you to the beach punk. pack your shit.

From the Hysterical Archives:

Original version by The Wild Ones

Famously recorded by The Trogs

…the version by the Troggs, was playing on the shop radio, as we began doing the abstract lamination on the board. It HAD to be called Wild Thing!

Oh yeah right Sting Ray, as if that was your real neme.

The WildThing Reborn, is intended to capture the essence of a board that did it all, in its day. The original board could nose ride in 2 foot beach slop, or handle WindanSea as big as it gets. The challenge is how to drop down from 10 feet, to 7 feet 2 inches, and still retain those capabilities. I’ve done this kind of exercise before, so this went rather smoothly. (The design portion) The shaping portion of the exercise, requires a larger blank, than you would ordinarily expect. Why? Because the rocker, proportion, and foil, just are not in any of the existing close tolerance blanks. It has to be shaped into the foam core of the board. The operative word, is shaped. Simply skinning the blank, won’t get the job done.

There is a lot of meat in that blank. For that reason I used it for my 7-2 bat tail.

And they make an 8-2 AX that’s even fatter, lots of foam to work with.

The 7’ 7’’ A, will get the job done.

Mr Thrailkill, for the love of Mike, why waste time on all that “shaping” when, nowadays EVERYONE is using CAD design? All you have to do is configure it to some machine file and send out the rest. THAT is shaping today (apparently from what I’ve read lately here on this forum) and you can then hang the shingle and make a huge mailbox for all the checks coming in. Mo money…less effort. Get hip willya? Sheesh. Maximum return for minimum investment.

…ALWAYS has a basis in truth. Your post above, is a good case in point! You got me to crack a smile.

Keeping it up can be a problem for some of us in advanced years. So good to see you continue to stoke the fire over the years Bill. Sorry I missed you at Del Mar. I think you may have been out on the Patio with all the boards that were on display out there. I didn’t make it out there. I’m sure I missed some goood stuff. Pete c, Wideawake, Terry Senate and I got mesmerized watching Matt"Kazuma" Kinoshita mow foam. High tech and very skilled. Now I know why some of the guys I’ve met over the years that he taught are so good. The Surfing Heritage Auction boards were beauties. Thanks for being yourself and charging hard Bill. Lowel