Will 6oz Free Lap Show Thru???

Tinting longboard bottom 6oz yellow lam. Clear 6oz deck lam patch. 2nd deck 6oz lam clear to cover deck/rails, free lap wrap under. Will this clear free lap show on top of the bottom yellow?

Even with the clearest cloth, it shows to a trained eye, or when the board is in the sun at the right angle. Might be OK thos, yellow covers better than any other color.

Who’s looking at it?

I’d go cutlap and pinstripes, since I was the pinstriper and shaper. Resin pinstripes, for the tactile feel and classic looks.

my first board was a yellow bottom 6oz cutlap with double 6oz clear deck freelap and the freelap is not obvious. The 2nd board was a red bottom cutlap with clear free lap and that showed more. More strings that time, made the free lap worse.

Hey 4est,

I agree with LeeDD, the free lap should do fine. The only problems that you may encounter would be when prepping that last lap because you could get some scarring from fairing it into the bottom. On the other hand fairing the clear free lap into the bottom lam will hide it really well before you hotcoat the bottom. (Especially if your “clear” resin is not truly water-clear).

A lot of glassers might just hotcoat over the un-treated freelap but it will eventually need to be sanded and that may result in some scars.

Hint: when grinding that lap, we use styrene monomer applied to the exposed raw glass with a tiny brush, which virtually eliminates “silver scarring” from sanding it. Actually, we only do this on real showcase type work because the styrene in the hotcoat will act as a solvent a bit. After the styrene is applied, quickly hotcoat as normal.

Have Fun!

You didn’t say which kind of 6 oz…S cloth will show much worse than E cloth. FWIW.

I don’t really like pinstripes on the bottom…something about it…

Pinstripes on the bottom give me the illusion that I can hold onto the board better when it’s real time.