Will a blood red airbrush job turn pink when glassed like a resin tint?

Just finished board number two and the shape came out pretty sweet. It is a semi-copy of my favorite 7’9" Mysfin(sp) fun board I have had for over a decade…my neighbor of all people mowed my baby over the other day so this is more of a replacement.

Since it is going to be “the pirate board” and my paddler for the Hermosa Iron Man this summer I am going to do a soild blood red but I am worried about it turning out pink. I am going to airbrush the color again since my glasser wants to charge $30/side for a resin tint.

My question is will a blood red airbrush job that looks good going to the glasser turn pink once it is glassed like a resin tint. I am using good acrylic paints “Golden Fluids”

Since I have a real compressor and airbrush and am only doing one color this time I feel pretty good about doing a decent job.

Got some great Blackbeard logos and the board should be really fun so I don’t want to f it up at this point. Thanks guys.

Not sure of the answer but this single fin was painted with dark red (airbrush, cheap acrylic paint) and it turned out to be more pink than red

Maybe it’s the quality of the paint… (this board was laminated with epoxy, pu core).

Yikes! I don’t think I have enough tattoos to ride a board that pink. Shape looks fun though. Thanks buddy.

I used red tempera poster paint over DAP spackle on EPS. Glassed with Resin Research epoxy and 6 oz e-cloth. No problems.

Hi, i have painted a lot of boards with acrylic and the trick with red is put it on thick. More than one coat. If you water it down it comes out pink. Red is the hardest color to use in a resin tint and get it even. The resin will not effect the color. It will just give it depth and gloss like from a print to a photograph. Go for it!


I’ve had problems with red paint and crystalization. Better talk to the glasser before painting.

use red pigment .

or , if the board ends up pink , get a matching pink t-shirt , pink helmet , pink wetsuit , gloves , booties , and tail , and go as the pink panther …just tell them you thought it was a drag race or something ?

or tell them you’re going as a chocolate river pirate team member…


or , if the board ends up pink , get a matching pink t-shirt , pink helmet , pink wetsuit , gloves , booties , and tail , and go as the pink panther …

Ben you’ll love this wetsuit…

(It’s not me on the pics!! A pink board is enough for me!)

WILD !!!

(And to think …I was only joking !! )

there’s a clown in every circus .

great stuff !!

[I particularly like how the photo credit was in pink , too…nice touch !]

hahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …my next ‘avitar’ shot , cheers mate !


Damn, I was out of time and went with a dark blue but threw a little silver flake into it. You can’t really see the silver flake until you get it into the light then it sparkles like a fishing boat from the mid-80’s.


it sparkles like a fishing boat from the mid-80’s.

or like a fishing LURE???

BTW, I’m pretty sure acrylic airbrushing won’t get lighter as it’s glassed at least Golden Fluids won’t. This is the second board I’ve used them on and there is no fading or lightening what so ever. I should have just gone for the Red.

Here is another close up pic up my logo. Blackbeard inspired. Besides taking almost a month to get back from the glasser, they also forgot to do my pinline and didn’t have any lock box fins in stock when I picked it up. Sweet I’ll just wait 5 more days to ride this board. Not.