Will Acryllic Pinlines Work With Epoxy?

On top of the epoxy hotcoat, then an epoxy gloss over it? Don’t want anymore problems :slight_smile:


Yup, that works fine, did that on my last board. They stand out well (as compared to painted on the foam). One thing I discovered was don’t make your lines too thick in the vertical, i.e. don’t put so much paint on that you get too much of a raised ridge on the line.

I use the Rich Harbour method :slight_smile:


I’ll go with Chachi, acrylic paints work well. I flatten mine lightly with 400/600 grit after they dry to cut down any ridges and hard edges that might cause some cosmetic problems after glossing with epoxy. I use Additive F from Resin Research at 2x the normal volume when glossing. Hope that helps.

P.S.: I’d go with Glen on your recent problems with the milky/splotchy rail laps you experienced. It looked like even @ 24 hours your epoxy was still a bit soft in areas or you overheated with the sanding. I used to have an occassional problem like that, particularly in cooler weather. I’ve since added a digital postal scale to my glassing bench and my epoxy mix is much more accurate with fewer curing gotchas to deal with.

Tom S.

Do you sand after the gloss coat? I can’t seem to get it to polish as well as the gloss coat does without sanding.