Will This Board Fit in My Quiver

Hey guys,

As some of you may remember, I was asking for info on one of my boards a couple weeks ago and I am back again. Thanks to all the knowledge infused surfers and shapers that frequent the forum. I do have a new dilemma though.

My current quiver includes:

9’6" X 21" X 2.5" longboard(loads of volume but not as fun as it used to be)

7’4" X 20.5" X 3" board(i don’t know if to consider this a funboard, longboard, shortboard, etc - due to the odd design and setup)

5’10" X 24" X 4" fish(It floats well but doesn’t ride well in anything over waist high. I know, the board is huge…)


In any case, I am looking to add a shortboard to my quiver. Here’s the dilemma. I don’t have the space or time currently to build my own. I am 5’10" and 240lb(a bit on the chunky side), but I can paddle and surf just fine on the other boards in my quiver. I have the chance to buy a 6’6" X 20" X 2.75" CI Flyer F. I wouldn’t even be considering it if it wasn’t dirt cheap. I could buy it and try it but will be moving soon and won’t have the ability to resell if it doesn’t work. So my question is - Will it work for me and what size waves should I expect it to perform in?  I’m mainly looking for answers from guys in the same size range, as my main concern is making sure I am not ending up with a board that won’t even float me. I know a 240lb pro would be able to rock the board no problem, but I am not nor will I ever be that good, and I am pretty sure pros don’t come in my size, lol. I’m happy throwing in a few cutbacks and maybe an air or two.


The Board - Channel Islands Al Merrick Flyer F 6’6" X 20" X 2.75"

The Wave - New England, North Carolina, California, Oregon, Maui - (I travel alot for work)

The Man - 5’10" - 240lb - Surfing 2-3 times a week for 10 years - Average Fitness(I’m chunky but still jog, bike, surf, and snowboard)

Hola, I am your same height and weighed 225 about 1 1/2 yrs ago(180 now). My advice would be to keep up with the cardio, one can be big and still surf ok in waves with some power but cardio and push up strength are essential. When I was heavy I ordered a 6’10" x 21" x 3 1/8" semi gunnish thruster from a local shaper. It worked just fine for my weight at the time in overhead barrels. Your longboard seems a bit thin (2 1/2"). Why not sell the log and with that and the money you have for the Channel Islands, go to a local shaper and get a custom. Make sure the shaper has experience shaping for bigger guys.

Dear Chunky,


I know a 240lb pro would be able to rock the board no problem

Right..no such thing as a 240lb pro.  They never have made them that big....5'10 240..chunky...dude you are..lets just say it..Fat, and unless you get your house in order, going to have some serious health issues. Ok so you excersize a bit...do more, and stop eating all those Philly cheese steak sammys.

The Board - Channel Islands Al Merrick Flyer F 6'6" X 20" X 2.75"

That board is way too small. keep with the bigger boards until you get your weight down to an approporiate 170-200. 


Get a well designed 7'4" to 8'0, you will be able to surf the hell out of it. Just get a nice custom from your local guru shaper.   Nothing wrong with a 21.5 x 3' board if it's layed out right.   You are a huge dude, and there should be no problem burrying the rail on a big board. Remember it's all about equalized volume. 

What you surf, is not what Kelly surfs....or the local shreader thats 5 foot nothing and weighs 150 lbs.


Thanks for the input Tony. I have no intention of selling the log though. Gotta keep it. I am currently working on the weight since coming back from knee surgery. I’m just looking for that board that will work now and still be a good shortboard when I do get back to my target weight.


Thanks for the motivation Resinhead… A little too quick to judge aren’t we? I eat extremely healthy and haven’t seen hair or hide of anything remotely resembling a cheesesteak in over 10 years. I destroyed my knee several years ago and was unable to keep in shape at the time. Now that my knee is back to normal, I have been working on my weight. But the truth is, I am happy with who I am. Again, thanks for the reply, but keep the judging of other people to a minimum. Thanks.

Hey Tony, would you say that @ 225lb a board of 7’2" X 20" X 2.75" would have floated you in waist high to OH? I know thats a little long, but I’m looking at my options as I can’t get rid of the longboard. Thanks.

Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t sure if Resinhead was joking, which is why I tried to make my response as polite as possible. We aren’t talking potato chip here. My current 7’4" board has maybe a 3" to 4" rise for the nose and the rest is pretty flat. It floats me well, I’m just driving for something a little more performance oriented that I can toss around while still working for my current size.

Kitchen Mole, that’s just good ol Resinhead’s sense of humor, he’s just trying to help and knows a whole lot about big guy boards and also big wave boards. Anyway 7’2" x 20" x 2.75" are just numbers, many variables would come into play: rocker(very important), rail foil, nose and tail width, fin placement to name a few. If it was a 7’2" x 20" x 2.75" potato chip, rockered out mini gun @ 225# no way, now a mini mal with low rocker, flat deck, boxy rails and a single fin would be a different story 7’2" x 20" x 2.75"… If you are set on buying off the rack, think wider template, flatter entry rocker and thick. Still my advice as a former heavy guy would be to go custom as you seldom see boards that work for big dudes off the rack. Take care of the knee and don’t push it, my buddy a kneeboarder busted his knee cap very bad a couple of years ago and he still only rides a kneeboard in glassy conditions every now and then and always ends up hurting. The rest of the time he rides a 9’10" single fin log or a surf mat. For the record he is around 6’3" and 230 lbs.

good luck!

6-6 Flyer 2 is about 39 liters.


Your comfortable volume range is probably around 65 liters, minimum.

Dear former skinny guy,

Keep up the good work on sweating to the oldies.  I'm glad you eat you veggies and what not.   I'm not so good at it, by my superior genetics allow me to eat ice cream and turn it into pure muscle.  I wish this on you.


As for the brain dart sized surf board...I keep my position on this. Stay away from this board until your size and fitness allows you to ride it properly.   Go to aku shaper and download the software. Then look at the volume of a 6'6 nothing board and divide it by 150.   Then look at that number and back it in to your slim 240 lbs.  That's what i mean about equalized volume.


If you want to talk more specifics about what I have found works for my slim girlish figure we can discuss that too.   I'm currently 6'2" and  about 218, my short board is a 7'6" x 20.5 x 2 7/8.


Sorry for the comments about weight, I just vision you and you former weight you were back in high school...I'm glad you are at peace.  I'm a troubled soul that works out way too much to stay in surf shape.

I don't do vegetables