Will this Fish fly?

Bruce Jones Super Fish - 7’8" x 23.75" x 3.125". Do they work? Anyone ridden one? Let me know if you’ve got time.

Happiness - glide away you day!

Never ridden one.See a few from time to time.Bruce never really liked the fish design in the past,but times have made him look at it again in a different light,here recently.

I made a 7’x 23" a while back, it looks pretty similar, except its a twinny. Goes very well.

hi Scott !

…do you have a photo of that please ?

I’d like to see it .

cheers !


dont they usually put feathers and hooks on them lures?

whada they go for with that un

estuary perch?

probobly do good with some sparlke in the gloss.


do they have em at the bait store or just at eddie bauer?

It all works. Doesn’t it? Depends on the rider and the wave. I can think of a wave where that board will fly. Big fat reef break with intermitent fast sections. Beautiful lines on all his boards. Mike

Thanks gentlemen, cut the foam last night. Had trouble getting a blank that would allow me to get the width I want. Ended up with one from Graham King, he makes the foam for McCoy’s “Nuggets”. Should be finished in about three weeks. Yes chip I will take pics and show all!!

Chip, yes I have pics and will post them soon with lots of help from my wife. umm, ok, my wife will post them for me…





Thanks Rio!! That board was made from one of my last clark blanks, a 7’11"R I think.

The pics were taken during the gloss coating.


yes , VERY nice !

…and… how does it RIDE ?



Nice board, I was thinking about making mine a “twinny” with a small stabilizer fin. I had an 8’6” egg with that kind of setup and it went great! I might have changed my mind though! I went surfing on Saturday afternoon at my local and Simon Anderson was out on a 6’4” Quad finned fish. Just small waves but the Quad seemed perfect for them.

I guess my question is what’s the difference between a twin fin and a quad fin Fish?

Can anyone help?