Windansea Historical Surfriding Association


On Saturday September 10, 2005, the WHSA will be holding it’s 11th annual surf meet and Luau. If any of you are interested in touching some of the early soul of surfing, this is the place! I had the pleasure of meeting Woody Brown there on two occasions, and reconnecting with former Windansea regulars Alan Nelson, Del Cannon, Pat Curran, and Jim Fisher one of the original pioneer Makaha surfers from the early 50’s. Mike Diffenderfer attended until his passing. I reconnected with Don Hansen one year, and Phil Edwards another. Skip Frye has attended frequently, and the spirit of Butch VanArtsdalen seems to be ever present. FYI, Alan, Del, and Pat, were part of the group that first rode Waimea Bay in 1957. Tap into the web address below for information. I hope many of you will attend, and lend your support to this organization.

I heard they only serve soft drinks.


Yes, they just serve soft drinks with the Luau. It’s way too costly to obtain an event permit which includes alcohol. HOWEVER, there are several alcohol refueling stations within easy walking/crawling distance to windansea, so the proper decorum can be maintained. After all, Windansea does have a reputation to live up to.

understood. Thanks for the link!

I"ll be there hopefully I’ll have a car by then thats if i pass my driving test



Keep in touch as the event nears. We have people of all ages coming from all over the state, and world. Maybe you can hitch a ride if you’re not driving yet. Be sure to check the WHSA link, more and more photos will be posted, and they will keep everyone updated. There is some talk of a Balsa Gun being raffeled at the event.

Hey Bill

Are you the head of the organization



No, I’m just a loyal supporter. Mike Wilson was the driving force for ten years, and has now passed the baton to Sandy Brabon. I have attended every one of the events, and have the T-Shirt collection to prove it! It’s worth going to just to get the T’s. I hope other Sways show the same interest that you have.


Tomorrow, SEPTEMBER 10, 2005, is the WINDANSEA LUAU. The honoree this year is Mr. Pat Curren. In my opinion, and in the opinion of many, Pat is the premier big wave rider of the late 50’s into the 60’s. And certainly a pioneer in the refineing of the big wave gun design. Another achievement is being Tom Currens’ father. I hope many of you will take the time to come there, eat the food, meet the people, and soak up a little surfing history.

And for those of us who can’t make it I hope some of you will take photos and post them. Thanks for the generous invitation, Mr. Thraikill. mike