Wingnut II questions.

Hello, I just purchased a 9’0 Wingnut II over the weekend. Just wondering if anyone has this board. I’m coming off of a 9’6 Bruce Jones modern longboard and the two shapes couldn’t be more different. The Wingnut just feels like its got an anchor on it when paddling for a wave. My thoughts are maybe its alittle too small for me as I’m 5’8" and 210lbs. But it just could be the overall design of the board as it does sit lower in the water. And the fact that the Bruce has 60/40 rails and sits higher. The waves were pretty much junk today (new jersey) so hopefully it cleans up alittle throughout the week and I can really test out the board. I know I’ll need some adjustment time and with better waves it maybe easier to get used to the board but my thoughts after the first outing is that I won’t have this board for too long.



chris; i have a 9’0" wingnutII also, when i first got it i thought it was a complete dog! i changed the fin and moved it about in the box till i found a sweet spot —the fin i’m using is a bruce jones 8" narrow base that came with a 8’8" board bruce built me years ago that is a true magic board. that fin woke up the wingnut and last week in hatteras i had a ball with it…and i’m bigger than you @ 220lbs plus older, it’s a good board just takes some tuning and adjustment in your paddle position and fin size and placement…


Thanks. Right now I’m using a 9" Fins Unlimed wood fin that I had lying around. I have a 9" Rainbow Cutway and also a 8" Bruce Jones fin that came with a older 9’2 Bruce Jones I had. I’ll give those a try. I think the 9" fin with the wide base is probably causing too much drag. I actually email Robert August about fins and they recommended a 9" Wingnut Longrake as the best fin for the board. I have a 10" Longrake on my 9’6" now so maybe I’ll give that a go too. How far up or back do you have the fin now. I have mine dead center to start with.