Wingnut Sweep Fin ride report

I was worried about the foil on this fin, and posted about it a while ago. Shawd from rainbow chimed in, reassured me, and since then my lady has had a chance to try it out. In short, she really likes it a lot.

I wanted to get it for her to give her increased time on the nose, and also to make it easier for her to just plow through the kelp with impunity without going with a tiny fin. Yesterday we went out for some very small low tide high kelp waves. The fin has succeeded in doing both; she’s got the stability of a deep fin, but the long swept back rake and nice transition on the front of the fin help sweep the kelp out of the way. Don’t yet know if it is flexy enough to give her some squirt in the turns. Need some bigger waves. Maybe if I’m lucky, she’ll let me try it out some day.