wiping out on 8.0 single fin but not on 7.0

I was told it was cavitation,but after doing an advanced search here on Swaylock’s,and researching the subject on the internet,I don’t think it has anything to do with cavitation .Every time I do a hard  backside bottom turn on the 8.0 Donald Takayama Egg single fin on a good sized day,dropping in steep,the front of the board lifts up,goes into a spin.I tried moving the fin,changing fin,finally gave up on a hard turn and just finesse the turn.I don’t have that problem on a 7.0 Joel Tudor egg single fin.Both these boards are glassed heavy,the Tudor even more so(volan).I know it’s my style,but can’t figure it out,finally all but gave up on the 8.0 and stick to the 7.0.Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?I  remember some days way back when we only had single fins,that would happen to me on some boards and not others.Thrusters solved that .But still miffed!


Tail width is the same?


Try adding sidebites?

Just a guess, but I think you are standing with your weight too far forward.  With the extra float in the nose, your natural balance point would be  forward, off the fins.  With little weight on the tail, it would go into a sideslip.  For critical waves, the proper disdribution of foam is more important.  Remove some float from the nose, and get it further back.  You’ll naturally position yourself on the board better

actually,the 7.0 is a diamond tail,the 8.0 a round pin.These are a friend’s boards that I borrow,he turned into a SUP fanatic,but still won’t part with the boards.Adding glassed on side fins would make it easier for me,but not an option.

I actually thought the opposite,my weight too far back?what I don’t get is how it happens on a board and not on another.

kava, have a look at Joel Tudor riding an 8' Tak egg in 'Longer'. Looks like a really sensitive board (challenging), with flattish rocker, thin rails and curvy plan shape (Tail width around 14.63" or 14.75" I guess).

Tudor doesn't really hammer any hard bottom turns, but the ones he does his back foot looks about 18 inches to 2 feet forward, which is quite a lot.

The very last wave is telling. He bottom turns hard a long way forward, then steps right back to stall. He leaves his foot back on the second bottom turn and nearly spins out. See the screen grab attached. Look familiar?

7' 10" takayama egg, widowmaker

G'day Kava, this is the rear end of the magic Donald Takayama 7' 10" egg I used to own. The magic tail has a widowmaker setup -  its rear fin 5" up and the front 13 1/2". Rear fin was like a small thick single fin, I don't know the size. Front fins were thruster sized FCS. It was a surftech and came with that setup.

 I know its different to yours, but thought I'd pass on this information. It never spun out on me, was really drivy and I used it in waves well overhead sometimes. I used to ride this board primarily from the tail with my foot over the fin cluster. Normally I'm an even footed surfer so some re-training was needed.

How far off the rail were those forward fins?  How wide the tail?

Claude,good observation on J.Tudor in Longer,you are right,he is way forward on that 8.0 single fin,will try that first winter swell!I found out I had to finesse the turn and not crank it hard as on  thruster.Mr J,I ride that egg also that you posted,no problem on that since it has the side bites.Mahlo for all the input,Aloha

The Takayamas I’ve seen (I’m about 3 miles from the O’side shop) use a very soft rail on the tails, even with his eggs.  I’m guessing that you simply couldn’t get the tail to dig in enough on the longer board.      

Ever thought it was you and not the board?

Add to Resinhead’s comment…

Rocker ??  Especially in tail…could be primary culprit…

Foil ??

Fins and placement…

It all adds up…

I know it’s me,and not the board,it’s something that has happened with me on certain single fins   for the longest time,but thanks to Claude’s observation,per above,by Golly,I think he nailed it,and can’t wait to go try it out on the next overhead( or better yet double overhead day!)I gotta be way more forward,which is harder when you’re backside,that’s why it never happened on my frontside.Thanks again,Claude,I knew someone would give me a good tip!




yep,i tried a bunch of fins,but i got figured now ,I think,I’ll get that board dialed in soon,thanks.