Wood/carbon fiber long board fin

There has been a lot of discussion lately about fins. Here is fin I made for my 10’ 4" Yater that may be of some interest. It is two pieces of ipe laminated together with two layers of carbon fiber/epoxy. After it was shaped it was glassed with a layer of 4 oz fiberglass/epoxy. The fin is 10" tall 2" wide at the base and 11/16" at the thickest part of the foil. There are two stainless steel rods reinforcing the narrow base.

The narrow base really loosened the board up. This board also has the leash connected to the tail block which greatly reduced tomb stoning. The is accomplished by embedding a U shaped stainless steel tube in the tail block and passing the cord through it.

Hey Viejo,

I couldn’t open the attachement to see the fin but putting a carbon epoxy spine in a wood sandwich is an excellent approach to creating a wooden fin IMHO.

I’m sure your’s works quite well. Wish I could see the photo.

Mahalo, Rich

Maybe this will work.

Or this…

Three times a charm?