Wood cutaway fin help?

So I’ve never owned a cutaway fin and I’ve got all these pieces of exotic woods lying around. So I glued them all up and took a fin template from trueames and foiled it. Now since this is for a box, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to make the tab for the box. This morning I had a lovely disaster with poly resin and chopped fiber, trying to get the fin in a mold and get all the air bubbles out. I sanded everything off and now I’d like some advice.

I’m thinking that my best option is to glue another piece of wood onto the bottom for a tab, running against the glue-up of the fin. My plan is to glass the fin by itself first, cut off the bottom, then glue the new piece on, and glass it all together again. I could either use one layer on the fin first, then put the second layer over everything, or just use smaller football patches on the fin tab.

Any suggestions from someone who’s done this before? It’s so much easier with a regular fin but the cutaway extended tab confuses me.

Maybe this will help?


I did mine using a mold. I used a few layers of 6 oz. cloth in the inside the mold, overlapping slightly from the tab up the side of the fin. The white stuff in the tab area is where I added chopped glass fibers. My method was directly adopted from what I have read here on Swaylock’s.

Got any pictures of the mold by itself?


The mold is simply a few scraps of 1" aluminum angle, held to a bit of plywood with machine screws. I use clear plastic tape and car wax as mold release.

Here’s a photo of the mold.