wood keel fin repair

Hi guys, whats the best way to put the bead back on these fins? layer of fin rope and sand? thanks

Make sure its dry. I would sand first, lay a bit of cloth on the bigger spot, fare it in a bit, then some rope. Sand it all smooth. Geppies?Mike

Rooster ain’t wrong.

Personally sand down the hotcoat/gloss, then build some sort of backing that overlaps the fin by at least an inch and attach it to the flat side of the fin. Next, wet out the roving for your halo and have a wet out piece of 6oz fiberglass (wet the glass out on a piece of wax paper first). After everything is wet, place the roving around the perimeter of the fin and then place the piece of 6oz over everything. Squeegee out the bubbles of the fin and halo.

That piece of backing will keep your halo from driving you insane. All this can be done with the fin on the board or off the board. If the fin is still on the board I would do the repair with the flat part of the fin facing up (parallel with the floor). Don’t take the fin off the board unless it is structurally weak.


good advice thanks, basically roving sandwiched between 2 patches of 6oz glass.
Those are glass on steve seebold keels.
Will have to figure I good way to put the board on its side and make a backing. Got some wax paper handy, maybe I can tape it to a sheet of cardboard for a backing. Then lay the fin flat on a table, with the board still attached.

I don’t see the need for roving/rope on a repair this small. If it was a big old D fin with major damage, then sure. But the bead on these fins is quite small and can be reconstructed with 8 or 10 oz cloth.
Just one man’s opnion.

I agree with Sammy. Those fins never had a glass halo, I would just lay some glass over them to seal and fill the chipped areas and sand them back out.

Pleased with how these fins cleaned up. I just laid the board on its side, laminated a piece of 4 oz cloth on one side of the fin, the wet glass if cut short enough doesn’t wrap around the tip of the fin, it lays flat, making a perfect backing. Once its jelly, flip the board on its other side, and with the fiberglass backing I could pour a small bead of sanding resin. Then just sand and came out nice, perfect bead!.

Nice work