Photo Bucket stole my pictures, the kook box is still floating, Teddy the shop dog has passed away. Wood_Ogre is building a sailboat and never sees Ambros anymore! 

I grieve for Teddy & the lost pics, photobucket did this to countless pics, smugmug / flickr did the same to mine. Ambrose don’t come around here much anymore. The sailboat sounds awesome, hope you can post up a few. 

Wood Ogre, I believe you posted a great method for sharpening blades using a large piece of tempered glass with successively fine grits of sandpaper spray mounted.  I still use it.  I can’t seem to find it in the archives, crazy as that sounds.  All the best to you, and good luck on the project.

and all the best to everyone else

commonly referred to as the scary sharp system. 





Wood Ogre,

So happy to see you back on the forum.      Looking forward to anything you would care to share.        

A build thread on the sailboat would be all-time ? …it would sure liven things up around here.

What sort of sailboat? 



Holy shit!!!

Where the hell have you been?

Still in the same spot? Still got the same cell #? Email? I sent private message via this site. Go look.

How is Rico?

Cool. Wood Ogre AND doc. 

Hey, old friend

I have been…what was the bit from the Book of Job: "And Satan answered the Lord and said, “From going to and fro on the earth and from walking in it.”

Commercial fishing again, accumulating power toos for cheap with the idea of going back to making furniture when I have to give up offshore. Will give ya more via PM

Chuckling- welcome to Jurassic Park, where dinosaurs walk the earth again


https:/www.standupzone.com/forum/index.php/topic,12860.0.html            So I just found the entire build thread for Wood_Ogre builds a Koa Kaholo 14 Kook Box.  So I guess my pictures of the build are still around. Might think about doing a thread on my Sailboat project but then it doesn’t have much to do with building surfboards. Then agaian maybe not. It’s a lot of work…

PLEASE DO !       Your past build posts have been a ‘‘treasure trove’’ of techniques, and knowledge.      Exposure to a Master Woodworker, like you, is a rare opportunity.       I’m looking forward to whatever you care to share with this forum.

Aloha nui loa.

Let me second Bill’s request, please do tell us about the sailboat. Boat work is fascinating and a lot of it crosses over into surf stuff.