wood surfboard

Finally finished … 4 months later , Cant wait and give her a test ride next week in good ol lake erie. This is my first surf board I have ever made . I thought a foam board was not the way I wanted to go. Not my style. She weighs in at around 25lbs . height 8’4’’ width 23’’ 2 1/2’’ thick in the center. Designed a homemade vent screw seems to work sweet. I used primarley bass wood. She has some flaws, but who doesnt.

Good Job!

That is a good looking board you’ve got there. Rails and fins are nice. Good job.

As a first effort, the design, and craftsmanship, are nothing short of amazing. Very well done.

exceptional weight for basswood!

is it chambered?

Yes, It is chambered. And thank you all for the positive remarks. It makes me want try that much harder on my next board !

awesome. great job.

Ohio, nice! Wish I could get some birch bark. Great looking board. I’ve seen Erie with some sizable swell believe it or not and im sure you have also. Enjoy. Nice autumn colors in that pic too.

Cant sleep the winds are howling… getting my stuff ready and going 2hed out to the lake. and watch the sun rise , maybe there will be surf .