Wood veneer?

I was up in Santa Barbara this weekend and stopped in at the Beach House to check out all the cool old boards hanging from the ceiling. In the back they had several Yater surf boards. There was one board that looked like a regular old school balsa long board, but it wasn’t. The sticker said it was a wood veneer. It was very light, and only cost $1,000. I looked closely, and the wood grain looked like it was shaped from solid boards – even on the rails. What construction method do you think they used? It it a compsand?

Possibly a compsand… difficult to tell without seeing it as there are a number of ways to do it - compsand being one.

Getting slightly OT:

Chris Garrett who is on the GC in Australia does really nice / very light timber veneer boards. They are effectively:

  • 2mm wood veneer (usually cedar) over a polystyrene core

  • Veneers are glued directly onto the board (but technique and glue used are kept hush hush)

  • Can be glassed for extra strength but are typically finished with only estapol or wax, making the finished board very light.

  • When not glassed, the only resin used (as per a quote on his website) is for the FCS plugs and lease plug.

His boards are very nice, but unfortunately despite some people’s attempts on here to find out more about the method we are still very much in the dark.


Still slightly OT:

Had to dig a little to find this - I think it’s been posted on here before a number of times.


Interesting reading.