Woodboard Forum?



Bit of a cross-forum thing but does anyone know what has happened to the Woodboard forum at all please? https://www.woodboardforum.com/

It’s been down a wee while and I’m wondering if it’s a temporary thing and to keep checking back or if it’s gone for good so just stop checking.



Actually I do not know what happened. I tried to contact all admins, being myself one of the founders (there : Olddude)

I did not receive an answer from the admin which is responsible for running the forum on vbulletin. The problem is, that he sometimes not reachable because he is working on a ship. (I’m not 100% sure.)

Hope it is only a question of time to run the forum again…

Yes, hope so!

Still not back.




Anyone know anything?

Yes, its a pity… We (all 6 of 7 Admins) do not know what we can do, because vbulletin (the forum provider) does accept only inquiries from the site owner, which ist Admin #1. I got a feedback from him, about two weeks ago, that he will care, but he is working on a ship, (cruising or marine?) and can only take care, if he is home, which may take weeks or month…

My newest project is in the starting phase, design accomplished, plans accomplished, wood bought already, I’m almost ready to start, but the site is down…

The board will be my third and hopefully flawless version of the CJ Nelson Colapintail.
The first I had troubles veneering (it was the first time and I used the wrong glue), bubbles all over, the second was build ultralight, resulting in water inlet through pinholes, and even repaired it got half a cup of water. It rides perfectly but I am not able to locate where the water goes in, and it stays, so the board will sooner or later rot from the inside. My last idea is, that there is a crack inside the board, between fin box and internal leash guide (the leash rope is stuck from bottom through the board up to deck…)

I will shorten the board from 8’3 to 8’0, to keep it under some airline max. transportation length and the idea is to install a cork deck…