World Strong Board Competition....Ahhnold would be proud

Any DIY autoclaves out there?

“Cameron and Sons Aircraft has produced what we consider to be the world’s strongest and most advanced surfboards. We would like to challenge any and all surfboard manufacturers to a test of strength and flexibility. We will cover the cost for load testing, if any manufacturers product tests out at one half the strength of our board. This challenge goes out to all manufacturers of hi-tech boards, epoxy laminated, balsa wood, pressed laminated, surf tech, or any other concept.”

I know I am ! THIS is definately who I want to ride [for] !

two questions , though…

  1. how’s the ride ?


  1. how much force / load can she bear ?

strength and flexibility …not strength to weight??

i’ll take him on …

if holly is around he can answer this , no doubt others can as well …

i already know the answer to…

what happens when you heat foam to 350 degrees and exert to 7 times normal atmospheric pressure ???

i think mr cameron is having a lend of us , and thinks everyone who builds surfboards is in the 60s still …ok so maybe most are …

even from the photos i can see exactly what method he is using …

only problem is i dont want to disagree with his sales pitch , because by highlighting what hes really doing , i could end up saying to much …

alot of interesting facts i fully agree with , a couple of tall tales thrown into the marketing angle tho…



Graphite? Strong? Flexible? This 1995 Roy Stewart board had all that and didn’t need a fancy aerospace factory to make it:

Hmm…won’t take the attachment. You can see it here:

Hmmm… strength vs flexibility not strength vs wieght.

The young sapling is flexibl,e so bends in the strogest of winds so survives the storm that fells the imovable mighty oak.

rubberised surfboard possibly??? howwould that ride???

  1. how much force / load can she bear ?


You mean the board, don’t ya Benny boy?? I’ll be happy to pass the knife back to ya so “you can cut it off and stick to what we’re really here for”!!

hey Bert - this guy may or may not know prime surfboards, but after having looked over his web site, I will say that he builds one HECK of an airplane… full scale replica P-51 Mustang (my dream plane since I was 10 years old):

How about that one (, jumping on a 2.5 kg light surfboard :

of course I mean the board…the girl just got in the way as it was being photgraphed, naughty of her wasn’t it.

…cut WHAT off ? Sounds serious, I usually take them down with a surform , …you ARE referring to the rail laps aren’t you, Gary ??


C’mon HOLLY!!! You gotta get in on this!!!

Good times at the Point… too bad ya left so SOOOOON!!!

Awesome sunset!!!


How about that one (, jumping on a 2.5 kg light surfboard :

"red bull gives you WIIINGGGS " …

THANKS for that photo , Pierre…that is TOO funny !

… It reminds me of all the kids I see out there on one foot waves riding their wafer thin thrusters hopping to try to stay on the ‘wave’ !!

Any DIY autoclaves out there?

I recently learned how to do a DIY autoclave that can be used up to 50 psi without danger of shrapnel. I’m using it for snowboards.

On their web site they say: “Using steel tooling, place the lamination and foam blank in a multi-million dollar auto clave (figure 1-B), using a nitrogen atmosphere raise the pressure to 100 psi (pounds per square inch), elevate the temperature to 350° F, and hold for 7 to 8 hours.”

So I’m wondering what density foam can handle 100 psi without squashing it. Pretty dense I would imagine. So a full core of that density would be very heavy. Unless, the board is hollow (like the Salomon), or the skins are laminated and autoclaved, and then attached to a lightweight core. Maybe that’s what Bert is doing. Balsa could probably take the pressure. So if the skins are laminated separately and then attached to the core, then the top skin would have to be somewhat formed to the top shape of the surfboard. Cameron Aircraft uses steel molds, which are very expensive, but they do pop-outs, so it’s no problem. But if you want to do custom, you would have to have at least a few different molds for different top skins for different board dimensions.

Thats it this guy is the world champ hands down

I throwing all this board junk away and ordering whone of the cameroon boards …Emmett start the fire we are burning all this stuff…ambrose…

I am skeptical about the ride, my experiences with riding Southern California silicone haven't been that great.  In this department i am definitely more into 100% natural fibers, plastic is out. 

As has been mentioned, a test of strength is completely worthless with out taking weight into account. This company might be able to put out a great tow board though. It would be sweet if you could bring them in a shaped blank and have them put their carbon skin on. My take on carbon fiber is that it would have a hard time winning a “most flexible” contest.

Just a thought about 100psi. What if you vacuumed a lam on at the normal 4-13psi or is it mmHg or whatever is normal then vac’d on the next layer at super vac 100 psi/mmHg. Would that give you any benefit? A slightly thinner and therefore lighter second coat?

I spoke with Mr Cameron last year about his process. As I recall, he can take a shaped blank and put it through the autoclave. One of the boards shown on the site is flying a Becker logo. I assume Phil Becker shaped a blank and had it glassed and autoclaved by Mr Cameron. Not sure why they haven’t been more popular - the prices seem reasonable for what he’s doing.

Even the $700 gast pumps don’t pull 100"/HG - max is around 25-30 in a plastic bag. The Autoclaves press & heat - direct pressure (granted from everywhere at once) clamping while vacuums eliminate all insulation (air) allowing plain old gravity to do the clamping - gravity at sea level is (I may be wrong, its been decades since SCUBA class) 33"HG or 1 Atmosphere - so that’s the theoretical maximum vacuum. Once you start going below sea level, you’re into pressure and at 33’ you’re at 2 atmospheres where nitrogen starts to cross membranes.

Is a hyperbaric chamber a light-duty autoclave? Could you make surfboards in one?

I don’t think any current foam used for surfboards can stand 350 deg F, regardless of the pressure. Can it? I think that’s why these boards - like the Pope and the Salomon - are hollow. But I don’t really know much about these boards. Anyone?


I don’t think any current foam used for surfboards can stand 350 deg F, …


Rohacel, an expanded acrylic foam, has a couple different foams that handle 250 celsius/100 psi.