worldsurfradio podcast 17 online

00:16 Don Norris

00:26 Intro

01:20 Ben Sparks Bearclaw surfboards (CA-USA) Pt 1.

Background - Snowboard inspirations and results

Bamboo Laminates and Divynacell - Halfmoon Tailshape!!

06:10 The Shakes (UK) feat. Lady A - Liberty Jones (Duet version)

10:16 Ross from about the mobile South African surf film festival

10:35 Ben Sparks Bearclaw surfboards (CA-USA) Pt 2.

Recycling technology, Environmental concerns, New Foams, Leroy Winnery foam experiments,

Environmental footprint and conciousness. Experimental drive

15:50 Supporting Independent musicians.

16:36 Magenta Lane (Canada) Constant Lover

19:45 Tom Fitzgerald (Canada) River Surfer Pt.1

Development, Ben Murphy-Pioneer, Equipment,Surfing Experience,

Hydraulics/Standing waves, Style development, Snowboarding,

INT boards

24:30 Uncle Seth - To be an Angel -

28:22 Drew Kampion

28:30 Tom Fitzgerald (Canada) River Surfer Pt.2

Wave park development, Positive attitudes and authorities (as opposed to Aberdeen-bastards)

Working for the sport-sourcing gear, movies

Kayakers- converting the evil, What Are they Good for?? Future, Just around the corner,

Another Search

32:41 Beer - Editing.

34:00 OUTTAKE - INSERT Steve Pike -,

South African Surf Film Festival on this December

36:22 Credits

37:25 Insect Surfers - Polaris (mellow surf groove)

40:20 Collage

40:54 Fin

  • Normally a show would not come out this soon after a previous one,

but the guys at have their film festival this

December 2006 so I wanted to get this out in time to support it.

Hence the early release and the out-take / insert

Next podcast in about 2 weeks.

how do i get these on my ipod


how do i get these on my ipod

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