worldsurfradio show 14 online

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Intro Collage & Beer

00:12 With Pez about Aberdeen beach under threat from shore armour

for more contact info @ +44(0)1224 252 752

(This interview was done a while back, they have already started work on this crap project)

03:43 Rocwater (Australia) Winding Down

07:43 Brandy White

Canadian Skateboarder and courier biker who moved to Puerto Escondito Mexico to surf,

set up a small business and has never looked back.

The business started with an extension cable from a neighbour for a sewing machine

10:45 The White Buffalo - Lovesong #1

13:37 Brandy White Part II

Life and surfing for women in Mexico, Future Plans

17:56 The Spikes (Ire / NZ) Fighting in the Streets

21:38 Don Norris Australia.

Founding Realsurf, life in Oz , Changes

27:57 Don McClosky - Up in this Blood (Banjo remix)

32:12 Don Pt II-

Clarks Foam, Australian repercussions, realsurf forums, contemporaries

36:52Outro -

38:19 Credit Waheenie