Would It Make Any Difference To You If The WCT Disappeared?

Would you lose business? Seriously, would it mean that the entire surfboard industry would go under, or would just pros and corporates have to find something else to do for a living? Who really benefits from the WCT anyway? Is it the sponsors, the pros, the surfing industry as a whole? Or is it just a fat load of fashion blow that would take all the try hards out there down with it if it disapeared leaving only people who just want to go surfing?

Would it make any defference if Golf lost the Majors? If F1 lost the world championships? Tennis no more grand slams? Of course it would matter. WCT sets a benchmark for high performance surfing, when it HAS to be done, not just freesurfing or for video. Its human nature to compete! But it's not for everyone.

TDS makes a good argument, but I could care less. I’d actually love it. With the demise of the WCT it would put things back on the local level. This in itself would be a gr8 thing. Returning surfing to a local level where people interact w/o the need or distraction of demigods just might produce a better surfer… a pure surfer that is riding waves and loving the environment with no ulterior motive.

Heck, we did it for years before the Bronzed Aussies announced to the world they were gods, and I still didn’t see George Greenough hurrying to join up on the contest circuit.