Would this work?

I am thinking about shaping a board with a retro twin outine and rocker but with a different tail than the deep swallow. Would it work to use a diamond, rounded square, or round tail with a 2+1 fin set-up? If so, would you keep the 17" tail or pull it in? Any adivce would be great either way.

I’m mindreading here, but if you’re looking for float and ease of entry, keep the 17" and go with the diamond.

Ride on, Tom

I believe the reason for swallows is to cut down on planing area of the tail. So I would say yes pull the tail dimension in if you are going to use a different tail shape. But of course you will be changing how the board rides completely, it could be good for you or could be bad, wont know till you try it.

Is this what you have in mind?

Pretty close to what I had in mind, but with a beak nose and maybe the diamond tail. Do you have any specs? Thanks!

look around the site, i think mandala did something like what you’re talking about…

There’s a blue board in the RESOURCES section that shows a board like that.

OF course, any tail will work fine, with any width and size of board.

People think fish’s are the only twin fins on the market, they are uneducated.

For years, we rode twin fins with squash, round, diamond, pin or whatever tail, not needing swallows.

I thinks the swalow tail will provide you more holding power on turns, as the diamond will provide you more lift/flotation…

I think a diamond tail will work fine.

Thanks for all the info. I’ll check out the board on the site.

Ive got a G Liddle board shape that you are describing. Cant tell you how it rides though as it has suffered too much abuse before I happened upon it.