wow foam

just went to ocean foam

they are in victoria australia

the colored foan looks cool.

the story sounds cool

how come chipfish hasn’t mentioned thse guys?

anybody tried these multi pours?


I have indeed ! [mentioned it , that is …not used it yet , because it’s 2000 miles away , un fortune lately


I posted a shot of my nephew holding one up , outside “island surfboards” in vicco a few years ago .

if we got the foam here in woz not was , I would have done a stubbie , a fish and a mal or a nice single fin by now …


2000 miles?

Isn’t that like an afternoon trip for you Aussies?

(yeah , we fly … just like our “drop bears” !)

…meanwhile , back in vicco …;search_string=coloured%20foam;#179442

here’s that shot I mentioned of my nephew’s board …from that “the design thread”, of Josh’s …

chippy, just imagine what the paterns would look like if you could get Earle Pedersen to shape a jet bottom into one eh? Just thinking aloud.