" woz'' , not was !! [ the fruits and nuts extended mix]

from last night …

[thanks heaps Hicksy and Jo , for organising the ‘get-together’ , and for a raging barbie ! [meat, not doll]

l to r : Grant , Ben , Anthony , Mike [aka "hicksy’ , ‘chipfish61’, ‘lavz’ , and ‘sabs’]

… not just names on a screen any more !

You mean you are all real people??!!

This typing thing is just out of touch for me!!!

Have fun guys.

the cardboard cutouts are getting more 3D every day , eh Greg ! [it’s PHENOMENAL what this digital / computer age can "create’ , ain’t it ?! ]

ben (from the weeties packet )

I didn’t know there was paparazzi at swaylocks get togethers…those photos will leak for millions!

yes , Ant !

“hips” took the shots …she said she wanted you to do some “private” sittings for her next portfolio …

…not quite sure what she meant …


Hey what is this shit!?

There’s 5+ people at the barbie (incl Jo) and one lonely bottle of red wine, no beer, no nothing else.

That’s less than a glass each.

Technically, that doesn’t count as a barbie.

Are you sure you are an aussie? ;D


Well, just from the context of their posts, I’m guessing…

Hicksy’s 2-liter of Pepsi has had 1 liter replaced with Rum.

Chipfish is drinking double-caffeinated, triple sugar ice-tea, a gallon’s worth.

Lavz is having a little wine and snorting the bug spray (ahhh, to be young again).

Sabs is drinking the wine with Hicksy’s wife (note the debonair hairdo) and also seems to have an empty beer glass in front of him…


I still think theres waaayy to little evidence of traditional aussie barbie beverages :smiley: Pikers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


haha classic ben! i love the “ride with us or collide with us” bit! well done.

I was onto my 3rd 4 litre cask of wine at the point that the piccies was taken!!! Captain Goodvibes has nothing on me!!!

Lavz had 2 beers, Chip was into the apple juice, everyone else had 2 glasses of red to wash down porterhouse steak, snags and heaps of different salads Joanne made AFTER doing a night shift the night before.

Chips got more piccies on his camera…

can’t wait for more pics!

well, I wasn’t expecting any replies to this thread . You guys surprised me !

the other photos in my camera …all of my mal adjust , I’m afraid .


mind you , we DID have aliens visit us one night …

edit …2 more shots , they were in my camera [sorry hicksy …here ya go !]

a strange eye effect on me here , for some reason ?

Oh , yeah , I almost forgot…there was a good sunset that night too , while the kids [all 5 of them !] were playing in the pool …

cheers !


Movie here,


Say no more…

check it out !

post a “fruit and nuts” thread ,

mention a barbeque …

and "google ads " hit you with “smoke detectors” ads .


Haha that movie came out great!

Is it just me… or in that second lot of photos, is Hicksy imagining that he is holding a pencil like Master Sabs? Too many rattle cans hix… this whole one for you board and one for me with respect to rattle cans has got to stop :wink:


Chip bit it out of my hand just before the piccie was taken…

He was breathing in the fumes of my Chateu Cardboard 2006…

…might have to start wearing gumboots soon… the floor’s geting a bit slippery to walk on .

[Throw a few wozzies together , even on a computer driven thread, and watch the bulldust fly !]


I always get the corrosion wrap ad. Cool nice to see you guys had fun. So that’s Hicksy riding a surfboard on wheels (skurfboard?). I heart stoke.


I’ll believe your boasts when you post the piccies showing the evidence. Looking below I think I’ll be waiting and aweful long time :wink:


And I suppose the aliens wiped the contents of the camera? And where, pray tell, did you find a snappie of MY POOL! ;D

Two more shots with no booze… Uh-huh. Thought so

But seriously. Good effort guys… You have no idea how lucky you are being able to get togethor like that.

Cheeers to you.