wrinkles in glass

i glassed my firstboard with out the suspervision of my glasser tonight its alot harder when you dont have someone there to piont out your mistakes only real problem i had was the cloth wrinkling in a few spots what causes this and how do i fix it?

thanks guys

Have you done both sides or just the one?

Where are the wrinkles?

Can you take piccies? A bit more info would help…

IE: If it was on the rails and you’d only done one side you can knock the tops off with a sanding block or surform and glass over with the laps of the other side…

Howzit wardo, I used to get glass that was shipped with the box on end which made the roll slide inside the box and therefore the glass would have wrinkles in it. After putting the glass on the board I would use an old squeegeee to iron out the wrinkles. Start at the middle and work your way towards the rails,nose and tail, but make sure you hold the glass to keep it from shifting around. You can also use your hand or a stiff brush.Aloha,Kokua

ive just done the bottom but the wrinkles are about an inch from the rails all in a row on both sides. its almost like i pulled the glass to hard or i didnt wet the cloth out enough. i tried to get pics but they wouldnt show up hope this helps you help me out. thanks

I dont know if i can help you to fix it, but i use UV resin, bloody great stuff mate, you cant really bugger that up. I’ve only glassed 2 boards , the first with standard catalyst, i got a few wrinkles and kinks, but the second board i used UV resin, I took as much time as i wanted, got it right, then put it in the sun. Marvellous stuff !