wrong blank

i got 2 boxes of blanks in today from Clark…one custom was really wrong. how is Clark at dealing with screw ups??

the center t band was supposed to be 3/8" cedar with bass on either side, instead it’s all cedar…it’ll work, but not what i asked for…

2 boxes of blanks?! you goin pretty full on there, eh teddy?

i only do 2 boxes every 2 months or so…it saves on shipping. shipping is the same for 2 boxes as it is for one


Call 'em. They did me right on a blank that was damaged in shipment, two fork lift holes pushed through the blank. They gave me full credit on my next order…I shaped one for myself from the damaged blank. Still riding it!

Tom S.

they will most likely tell you to keep it and give you full credit like mentioned above , its cheaper for them to do that than to have tto pay for the board to be shipped back and ship the right one back.