wrv single fin

hello all, i recently picked up a 5’7 single fin wrv which i was told is from 67.  written on the stringer it looks like it says 385M7 but im not sure.  if anyone might have info it would be greatly appreciated


Impossible. More like '69 or '70. Does it have a glass on fin, or box type? Boxes are a good way to date transition period boards, which is what you have. If it has a box, provide us with a clear, legible photo of it. Otherwise, I’d say it is very likely from around 1970.

I dunno, Sammy. That doesn't have the ''wave of dolphins'' logo, which could mean it's a very early WRV. By '68 the new logo was on every board, and the model ''number'' thing (along with the classic ads) was starting up.

Bob White would have been among the first to shape something crazy in 67. The first whiffs of the revolution were in the air....

But a 5'7'' then would be REALLY crazy!


True, it doesn’t have the dolphin logo. But, look at the outline. Especially the diamond tail+ the thickness flow. All earmarks of a 69 to 71 transition board. Diamonds didn’t become common 'til about '71, as memory serves. If it has a box, we’ll know for sure.


Also, before the WRV name came along, it was Bob White Surfboards, then “Bob White Wave Riding Vehicles” with the numbered series. That board  was probably built after White bailed.

Oh, you're probably correct.

It does look like a transition board. I was just sayin' there's a possibility...

I don't think it's post-Bob White, though; it wasn't until 72 that he sold the company. If it's a 72 then it could be a Frierson, cool!

I think '72 is the best guess, then. Thick diamond tails were common around that time.

if that board were Australian then i would say late '69 or 1970. the tail is similar to the white kite design though the nose is different. i love boards from the transitional era, they look cool and are really interesting to ride.

thanks for the replies. the board has a fin box.  ill bring my camera home from work and take better pictures tonite