hola…maybe austin can help me out w/ this…i needed the # for WRV’s supply store in NC. making a roadtrip to the south for some waves,resin, and warmer water…thanks…

Austin just went there today. Killer waves. Cold water. Expensive resin. Resin has gone outrageous in the past month.

US Fiberglass



I’m located in the VB area, and I’ve seen your web page and a few of your post here on Swaylock’s. I been wondering if you guys glass boards or do you prefer to do the complete process (shape & glass). I’ve shaped and glassed a few boards, but not really set-up to glass. Been wanting to give you call but never got around to doing it, this was a perfect time to ask.



We do like going through the whole process but we also glass boards for individuals. Just give Austin a call. Phone number on the front of the web page.