Got my copy of the Master Glasser on Friday from Matt and the crew at Damascus Productions. I’ve been through it once since then. Without a doubt if you are interested in making surfboards, both modern and classics you NEED this program. Roger Brucker aka. (Cleanlines to Swaylockians) shares his lifelong experience and tips handling the squeegee, sander and tape roll. He gives a very concise walk through on doing basic laminations (Silane and Volan), the elusive rail lap with variations on wetting laps, free lap, cut lap and all of those in between steps that other videos seem to “miss”. You want to know about hotcoating? it’s all here, he even repeats it for you in case you missed it the first time. Sanding is covered very well as is a detailed section on how to tape off for each step of the board building process. There is an incredible ammount of information on this program including lamination, hotcoat, sanding, taping, retro techniques including swirls, splashes, resin pinlines, resin panels (with some very unique twists), inkline detailing, finbox installtion, cloth inlays, glossing and polishing. Both the Master Shaper and the Master Glasser Series are lifetime achievement type projects. You can buy either of them for the cost of your first screwed up blank, or both for what you will spend in time and materials alone. Adios, I’m heading out to the shop. Don’t forget your mom or the mother of your children today!

Tom S.

Ditto everything Tomas said and include the people at Damascus responded to my inquireries rapidly and professionally. I received my tape in approx. one week after snail-mailing a check. Mike

Hey thanks Tom…a compliment from you makes makes my day.I was fat as a hog back then.Had a good center of gravity for grinding though. R.B.

Thank you Mr. Cleanlines.

What kind of fins does this video show how to install. Glassons?



The Master Glasser Series covers a standard Bahne 10.5" single fin box install, complete with leash loop. Very good detail and some real time saving tips that insure a quality install.

The Salt Fever video found at Fiberglass Supply has a good segment on glassed ons. It is a 55 min.skim (30% is surfing footage) through building a basic lightweight shortboard.


Tom S.