doit with a block plane a saw and a pencil.and one sheet of sand paper in a locked room 1 hour…7’3 becker…heh heh…and then 15 minute break and 15 minutes with a screen sahppeerrof the laurel leaf…ambrose…lower the bar to rise above a;; bars into the infinite relm of creative posibilities…ZEN?

here’s a challenge for you.

Shape a board from a tree using only a table spoon.

Then paddle it to freedom.

No time limits on this one…

(reminds me of the monty python line from the Holy Grail: “and after you are done, you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest – with a HERRING!”)

Phil Roberts had an excellent illustration in one of the surf rags about 10 years ago. It had a man in a cave, carving out a tri finned racer from a single tree, it seemed the message was how man would build boards after the BIG one

Alcatraz deforested the inhabitants had to go to Cort’e Madera for wood’The stone adz excelled over the spoon’s abiity to turn rails and is invisible to metal detectors…Man and the xallange … ambrose…the jet rocket sled in the begining woah