Xanadu Surfboard design?

Does anyone have any info on the xanadu pig 2 model as far as bottom contour and rocker, I have this board and i love it im just curous if it would hold in 2-3 foot overhead waves. If not i want to try to have a transition board shaped so i can flow from the pig 2 to a board that will handle a bigger wave. I just order a 6’6 swallow tail but the acceleration is nothing like the xanadu. the 6’6 has no concave at all flat. And not sure if this is a good thing or bad as far as surfing waves head high or bigger? i know i thrown alot of questions out but any help would be appreciated-

I was riding a couple of Xanadus last year and loved em but broke em. Loved the Pig 2 in the small stuff but dosn’t really work that good even the shoulder to head high range. Had a 6’1 X17 or NX17, whatever it is, that worked great once you got up to that range. Enjoy