XTR foam or alternatives????

WHat is your guys’ opinion on XTR foam??? WHen can one buy “white” “extruded” foam to build a blank from scratch…I couldn’t even find the pink “expanded” foam… Do you guys think epoxy baords are stronger etc?

I heard that some places in Aust have the stuff, that is all I heard.

I was able find sources for the blue foam by calling Dow’s customer service number which is listed on their web site. I just gave the guy my zip code and he gave me the address and phone numbers of 5 or 6 suppliers in my area.

It is a pain trying to glue up a bunch of blue foam. I heard there are big blocks of white extruded foam, where???

Don’t know, seems to be the secret around here. I’ve seen boards at surf ride with white stryro???So waht is up bros

Dow makes a 5.5" thick blue foam, but it’s a little pricey at $81 where I get my foam.