XTR Out-Gassing Solution

Did the delam problem ever get solved with XTR or other Extruded Styro Foam blanks?

Is the problem really gassing or something else cuasing the delaminations. Could it be the XTR resin because I haven’t head of Resin Researches resin glass jobs delaming?

The Plumeria/Brewer XTR boards have used the “ThermoVent” feature for the last 2-3 years in order to allow any gas released from ruptured cells in the blank to exit the board. The vents are actually pinholes strategically placed on the deck through to the foam. The placement is difeerent for different shapes as the blanks have stresses in different areas on different models (i.e. guns along the rails, longboards closr to center). As the foam is closed cell, there is no concern with any water entering the blank. Have’nt heard of any delams happening for at least a few years now unless it was a case of the board being abused.

Also, we are using gloss and polish on some of our XTRs, Epoxy Pro has it down to where you can’t tell the difference between Poly and Epoxy.

It’s the foam! Switch the foam and you don’t have to put holes? in your boards.