Y Swizzle Repair


I have a 10’ swizzle that needs some repairs any and all guidance on this would be great.


Can you post pics??


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Post pics, then go here:


The Swizzle had different materials than most boards.  A flexible urethane resin was used over polypropylene foam - that’s how they got the ‘semi-soft’ finished product.  “Some repairs” is somewhat vague… 

Something like ‘Shoe-Goo’ or 3M 5200 might be the best call.  Standard polyester or epoxy resin will not have the same flex as the existing shell and will eventually flake off.

The trouble with Shoe-Goo or 5200 is that you can’t sand it smooth for a perfect repair.  Get it as smooth as possible when applying and leave it alone as it cures.  5200 can take days if you don’t use accelerator.

‘Amazing Goop’ is similar to shoe goo and comes in a marine version which claims to be UV resistant.  It does seem to cure a bit slower and clearer than the regular version.  I use it with fiberglass to repair / reinforce that which must remain flexible.  Thin fiberglass might go transparent. Thicker will not. Gotta work quick.

My brother has a 9’ Swizzle. I think his is Poly foam, it’s really heavy and hard, definitely not flexible. Looks like standard PU/PE construction.

Would best to post shots of the damage you want to fix. Close ups might reveal the core material used.

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Hi Harry - 

I don’t doubt your description of board your brother has.  And I have since read that the flexible resin was some sort of UV cure polyester flex resin, not urethane as stated earlier.  

I’m starting to think it was maybe a work in progress while in development.

The Swizzles I’ve seen (and squished) were more like a Richardson Surflite flex board.  My neighbor has one (Surflite) - it has a very similar feel to the outer shell.  

Hi John, the board is a swizzle. Pretty sure it’s a real thing. Bernie has 2 Surflight boards, and this one is not like those, but it’s been a while. Maybe Bernie can chime in about it. He has it in storage, but I’m planning to see him tomorrow and maybe I can get him to take me to his locker.

I’ve seen the build process for the Surflights. Jim and Jeff were nice enough to show us around. I think the glue they use for the skin is a contact cement, with vacuum pressure.


My friend uses Flex Seal on his and it works fine.


I looked up the Swizzle ads online and it does say it uses Polypropylene foam.

Surflight was using a combination of foams to create the core. It had a stiff innercore surrounded by polypropylene and a soft outer skin. A lot of work to make these boards.

Really? I’ve seen that at HD and thought about trying it. Would it be possible to do a whole board with that Flex Seal? Maybe with cloth and/or cork?