Yard Sale Gems

Here are some winners from our neighborhood yardsales and from a junk pile:

Left to right

Bing Bonzer 5’7" (Eaton shape)

Dick Brewer Bat Tail 5’6"

Joey Thomas Winged Pintail 5’9"

Skip Frye 6’8" Winged Swallow Tail (from a rubbish heap!)

They all ride well, the Skip is amazing. I don’t often ride shorter boards but this one works well for me.

Post your finds- recycling is great!

I had a 7’ dark green Frye double wing swallow tail with a keel fin which was stolen out of my VW bus in San Diego about 1975… I still miss that board.

wow. i need to shop the garage sales in your neighborhood! those are great specimens… that bonzer looks really, really fun.

Today I was at a local thrift store looking for a beach cruiser wheel.

I went out back where they throw stuff they can’t sell inside (think Sanford and Son).

As I was digging through a pile of rusted old bike I notice an old yellowed board laying upside down on a pile of assorted junk. I flip it over and see it’s a vintage Lightning Bolt!

Anyway, I thought I would post it up so maybe some of you would know something about it.

It’s numbered 01418 on the stringer. Airbrushed art signed Stewart 77. I took the pics after I cleaned off a huge amount of wax. Oh yeah, I snatched it up for 10 bucks!


Signed and cool artwork for a wall hanger.

You got yourself a bargain there, could be worth a bit more than ten bucks.

Dude… you scored. Artwork and probably shaped by Bill Stewart. Signed by Gerry. Wall-hanger.

So, only one of the boards in this photo was not a roadkill/ thrift shop/ dump score …

[left to right ] back row

5’5 fish , made from a mate’s recycled [damaged] 8’ mal blank

  • this was what the “bushfire fish” started life as …a $10 1970s kneeboard [from the tip [rubbish dump]

‘nemo’ … a freebie

a recycled 6’8 single fin

[‘prawn’] a recycled $10 winged swallow 1970s single fin


$10 dump find ['len dibben ’ twinny ]

gold ! a $30 daughters of charity thrift store score

front row

6’9" s-deck [$5]

the only custom made board , a tunnel vision 7’ single fin [now 7 years old]

6’8 bonzer bottom Cordingley SINGLE fin ! [$8]…now a 5’7" ‘greenpin’ [single fin]

this one

a $5 1980s thruster

a recycled 1970s single fin …[‘recycled’ = glass stripped off , board reshaped , and reglassed , by the way]

roadkill [free] . A $30 snap repair …Jim Banks 1990s thruster …goes GREAT !!

a recycled 5’7 1970s kneeboard [made into a 4’11" ‘tadpole’ for a mate’s young son]…

a $5 1970s ‘Morning Star’ board [given away]…

No, shaped by Gerry Lopez, Air Brush by Bill Stewart. Stewart is an amazing air brusher.

J Walker…same Walker that has the old woodie wagon and surf Scripps with old longboards?

Stewart’s not a bad shaper either. He’s also one of the best surfers out there. He used to tell guys if they could surf better than him, they could be on his team. He didn’t have many team riders. Notice where Gerry’s signature is on the board? Done well after the board was made, and not in the usual spot.

By the way… Surfing Heritage Foundation is having a dinner party for Gerry Saturday. I’m heading south for it today.

My first 4 or 5 boards were all garage sale finds, but I doubt I have photos of them anymore. The best was a 9’ O’Neill “San Francisco” 60’s longboard - $20 in about 1985. Others were a Becker 6’1" single fin with yellow rails ($10 in 1984 or so) and a Red & Yellow airbrush ‘Sea Tunes Hawaii’ 6’3" thruster in about '86 ($25 & 2 blotters). And the twin fin sutbbie I’ve put up on here before ($5) and a G&S Farrelly V-bottom, found (free) on the beach in La Jolla in 1989 with the nose mostly broken off.

Regarding Stewart, this is unfortunate…and (sort of) on topic.


You can see him (Lopez) for free tonight at Patagonia/ Cardiff

sure it will be packed

have fun tomorrow - sounds like a way cool gig…

landloked in my beach house on the moon

(Fab Vegas)


Thanks… Should be fun.

Yeah… I can see Gerry free anytime, but SHF is raising money - a constant for non-profits, so it’s for a good cause. If you haven’t been there yet check them out. Their “offices” are in a 7,500 sq ft building in San Clemente. They’ll be moving into a 35,000 sq ft museum space within the next couple years. Their board collection is amazing. Accorfing to Berry Hahn, the curator, there are two things people say when they walk into the board room. Number one is “Wow!”, number two is “Woah!”. And they only have about 20% of their collection on display.


I understand about SHF - I had a blast when I sent there in August -

I am pretty sure I said ‘wow’, closely followed by a ‘holy carp’ or something close…

I was just letting everyone know about Cardiff cause I hoped SHF had sold out of the tickets…

It is a goofy building - I got lost and they were more than kind to guide us in and the boards

well holy cp again - just plain amazing…

AND I am jealous that I cannot make it,

Have fun and enjoy it

landloked in my beachhouse on the moon


Great Thread! I love it when you score some great stuff someone else thinks is crap.

one mans junk…

J Walker yes, but not that one :).

Found this Aipa twin fin at the dump when a guy pulled up next to me to unload - it was on the top of his heap. He gave it to me.

this is another thing i hate about not living in a surfing neighborhood (no thrown out old boards)

nice find Jwalke