yardsale find

Finally finished the painting on the bottom of my nose-chopped Progressive Surfboards 7-7 yardsale find (7-10 before chopping broccoli), and got the bottom lammed.

But that wasn't my most recent yardsale find.  Here's my latest.  Wish I could keep this little beauty around, but she's going to be my ebay-bee, since I gotta pay rent and all that.


Hey Huck, if youre selling the mermaid , how much do you want for her  ? 

Hey Brett - my wife has got her on ebay for starting bid $20.  link

I wrote the description, and took the photos, and she does the rest.   As she's finishing up, I told her be sure to add its a coldwater mermaid.  Ok, she says, in all seriousness, and starts typing it in.  Then she stops, and says Hey, there's no difference in a coldwater mermaid, unless..., and she looks closer at the, er, you know, the coldwater indicators, hahaha, and about throws the thing at me!

What are her dims...?

 The mermaid not your wife.

 It looks like shes about...



and $17 a kilo !

 I havent got internat access for the next 6 days so if shes still available on Sat, I'll definately make a solid bid, she'd be great for my grandsons bedroom door.

Whats she made of ??

looks and feels like plaster to me


   That banana is the best concept board I have ever seen! I may have to steal that from you. [i’ll credit you some how, send me a huck inspired lam jpg. and I’ll put it under the glass.]  my next blunt nose is a midget smith triple stringer LB some one donated to the shop, got a great blank out of her and she’s screaming for a tint!


That banana is the best concept board I have ever seen! I may have to steal that from you. [/quote]

Thanks - steal away!  Always glad to share the stoke.

is it a harbour banana ?




is it a harbour banana ?


No.  Just a cool gunny Santa Barbara swallowtail thruster (with subtle concave throughout to double concave in back) - badly in need of some remedial glass work - that I picked up at a yardsale, and cut the nose off & painted while I was doing ding repairs.

the mermaid is made of porclyne

Thanks Ken, that makes sense - it wouldn't be in such good shape 35 years later if it were plaster.

Hey Huck, did she sell ?  My home internet has died.

Kinda - one day left, and she has one bid.

I cant get FleaBay at work, what would you sell it now for ??

Hey Brett - thanks for the offer, but the shipping to oz is just a deal killer anyway.  Way too expensive. 

I'll PM you Huck.