Yater Shortboard

Picked up a Yater shortboard(?) and an trying to get the history on it. The serial number is 1407 and from what I could find, the shortboards were only made in the late 70s - early 80s. Anyone have a contact for me to learn more about the board?

Don’t really know,
Yater only makes longboards now???
Had to check, ah, yeah they still make a “shortboard”.
Rennies son Lauren runs things, good people.
The classic witt behind the Velzy “lobster assult” is still at large and a master of the craft.
Nice repair, poor lap cut…

Yater, like any real surfboard shaper, would always make what you wanted. Friends of mine have boards he shaped that are in the 7 foot + or - range and they were made in the early and mid 70s.
Looks like someone didn’t bother with a rail saver on that board.

Renny still makes some shortboatds. I will alert KP to this post as he may be able to ID the board and fill in the blanks

According to KP since no Y after the number on stringer, then his son Lauren shaped it. Looks like one of his 8 foot fun shape boards…

…it doesn’t look at all like a shortboard to me!

Any idea when Lauran started shaping and how old this board might be based on serial number? Thanks for all of the replies.

You can’t go by the serial number, as Yater re-started the sequence a few times over the years. Maybe, if the original order card still exists you could place a date on it.
Does anyone know when Rennie began putting Y after the number? My Yater is a Baby Spoon and it has a full signature, rather than a Y.
I would guess this board to be a 90s shape, judging by the hole through box leash attachment. Seems to me, he started doing that in the 90s.