Yellow plus Blue makes Green?

okay , I just 'resurreceted ’ the old ‘fin photos’ thread for you Kai , and ‘balsa’ !

…but , in case you missed it ,

here’s a black , white, red , and black PIGMENTED twin fin I made for my surf supplies guy [pre-foiling]…

…next time I go out there for ‘supplies’ , I’ll try to remember to get a shot of it on his twinny , as well as that pigmented multi-coloured twinny pair he has in his warehouse …

cheers !


…I would still like to get video footage next time I lay up a [multi-coloured] fin panel …it was one of the footage ideas I shared with ‘Lavz’ ( a while back now).

Ok, layup completed last night.

Layers were 8Blue, 1Clear, 7Yellow, 7Clear, 7Yellow, 1Clear, 8Blue

6oz, 10"x20" sheet, around 55oz resin used.

I used transparent dyes and I tell you, you really have to add a lot to make the resin very dark because as soon as you put it down on 1 layer of cloth is becomes so faded. It’s never as thick on the table as it is in your cup. Maybe if you were doing the whole fin one color…

I did have 2 helpers but I think it still took us 4 hours. Color changing, cleaning the roller each time, added time.

One very strange effect is if you are looking at it in normal light it looks green atm. If you have the light behind it it looks yellow! How can this be? I guess Yellow plus Blue can sometimes equal Yellow.

I’ll know better how it turned out when I cut it out and start foiling.

On your guys advice I bought a 4 1/2" polypro sanding backing pad for my sander. It’s not a soft pad so not quite what was recommended but I’ll see how it works out.

Thinking I’m going to freehand a shape this time, it’s for a fin box again.

thanks for posting that , Kai !

I eagerly await seeing an "end on " shot of the edges of the panel when you cut it …see what colours are showing then , eh ??

10 x 20 " ??

…THAT should get you a coupla sets of fins …

from an 8x12" panel , I normally net a 2+1 set of fins .

cheers !


late here now …catchya tomorrow …[hopefully by 9-10 hours time , you might have it cut out , if not ?foiled? even . Take your time though … it will be worth it , to do a good job !

hi again Kai ! [sorry to reply to my own post !]

now that you have laid up the panel…

Just a few questions for you [I hope you don’t mind ?]

  1. did you get any photos of the process , by any chance ?

  2. how many mls / oz of each colour [and clear ] did you use

…did you have seperate ‘measuring flasks’ , pre-mixed, with each colour in them ?

  1. what did you lay up your panel on ?? [glass ? melanine ? formica ? wood ?]

…would you mind 'talking ’ [typing] us through the process , please ?

cheers mate ,


Answered over here;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread

Hi Kai !

…have you cut out the fin[strike] yet , from the panel ?

foiled them ?

cheers !


aaaarggghhhh !!!

…these lines through my posts are driving me nuts .…18 MONTHS , it’s been going on now …what gives ???


Do you use any quoting or special highlighting before that happens? Thinking it’s some code that gets left behind maybe and never told to turn off since it starts somewhere in your post and doesn’t end till the end of the message.

I have not cut or foiled it, spent today with the paddle. I think I haven’t gotten around to it yet because I need to come up with a template for the fin. I know what I want, just have to draw it to scale. But I will get to it soon! I promise.

hi Kai !

…have you got cardboard ?

a fin you like ?

a metal scriber ?

then , draw it onto the inside [glossy side of the fin panel , crank up the jigsaw [with your new fibreglass cutting blade !] ,


get BUSY !!

Or else …“the killer squirrels” [remember them ??] …you don’t want THEM to visit you now , DO you ??


Guess what Chip,

I cut it out!

I ground down a scrap to see what it looks like but I need to add some resin cause you can’t really tell, just see ground white fiberglass. Going to foil the fin tomorrow.

BTW, found out a grinder >>> random orbital sander. Material flies off like crazy. I wasn’t expecting it to work quite so fast so I wasn’t prepared (hood, tyvek overalls, lotion on exposed skin) and I am paying for it now.

Refoiled my first fin, I might or might not put some resin on it tonight, right now it feels good to just sit down :stuck_out_tongue:

So, pics tomorrow.

cheers for the update , Kai !

by the way … three words / two items that are important , when grinding and sanding …

goggles and gloves.

…cheers !


Your strike-through most often happens after the letter “N”

Stop using the letter N or n

Could get some iteresting commets…

Yellow plus Blue makes Green, yes but so does yellow and black, try it for yourself…

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ?

let’s sseee NNN ow

well ba N g goes thatNew theory , aNy others? [mind you , I DID post this in my favourite forum [errors aNd bugs] if people wanted to reply there , rather thaN hijacking poor Kai’s thread [my own threads , I doN’t min d hijacking at anll !!


…aNy that tinE??

I didn’t foil it yesterday, in fact I didn’t do anything yesterday. I’ve been trying to swing my schedule around to hook up with Benny. Ended up reading a book till 6am…

I play online games with a lot of Aussies/Kiwis so I don’t usually go to bed till 4am. Benny is a normal person so I rarely sync up with his schedule.

Anyways, I’m going to go start right after I’m done reading the forums. I did put a coat on the scrap I ground but it doesn’t really show the color differences well, I’m hoping that a more gradual foil on a real fin will really show it off. I might post the scrap pic later anyways though.

And yeah, I use powertools at night but I have enough trees and space around me that I don’t think my neighbors can hear it.

Benny is a normal person ....

Well there’s a first :slight_smile:

I foiled it in 2 hours and added a sand coat (mostly to protect and soften the edges.) I can never get a nice finish and don’t want to use the expensive sand papers so think I’m going to use some 220 on the sand coat then use some Krylon gloss that someone mentioned recently.

I’ll see how the pics I took last night turned out and do the other side and take more pics and see what happens.

“I’ll see how the pics I took last night turned out and do the other side and take more pics and see what happens.”


…W-E-L-L ???

… So… any luck , Kai ?

cheers ,


Chip, I have been seeing someone else… And her name is Paddle.

Glassing two paddles atm. Was up to 11am today babysitting RR epoxy since it was my first time using it.

Was doing cut laps and waited a couple hours for it to get hard enough to cut and when I checked it was too hard. I do have it in a semi-hot box type thing. Not sure how warm it is in there but it’s better than if I had it in the open air. So, after attempting to cut the tape out for a while I said screw it and went to sleep.

That meant a lot of hours this evening trying to cut the tape out of the fiberglass without cutting into the wood.

Benny, cooked 3oz of it using the coffee maker heater. It ran like water and set up while I was stirring it :stuck_out_tongue: I just lost about 1.5 oz just now due to it setting up while still working. Of course this isn’t a board, it’s a small paddle with tight edges so you can’t pour it all out at once. Going to start going ultra small on my batches. Last one I did was 1.5oz and I stuck it in the freezer when I was done. Also didn’t heat it to “water consistency.” Not sure I have to with RR for this kind of application. Probably nice for a big board though.

Oh, also used stretch wrap as a poor mans vacuum bag and it came out rather badly. I think it might have caused some bubbles and it left dry and saturated areas as well as wrinkle texture. It might have helped the edge of the paddle stay tight though.

First impressions of epoxy, its not that much different than Polyester. It does give you a lot more time to work, no worries about it gelling on whatever you are working on. It looks nice, very clear, very shiny finish. Seems to be much easier to wet out and yet have a nice dry layup.

If you spill hardener or resin that hasn’t been mixed it’s very hard to see so you better hope whatever you poured it on is disposable. Can’t just use catalyst to make it harden though I guess you could wash it out pretty easy.

Not having to use acetone is terrific. Orange hand cleaner or antibacterial soap seems to wash it off very easily.

So Chip, I haven’t even had a chance to read the boards really. My two fins are still sitting in the corner with a sand coat that needs to be sanded off and a nice new spray can of gloss is nearby. Maybe in between paddles I can get some sanding done. Going to do an all nighter again I think. My cousin leaves monday and only one side of the blade of his paddle is glassed. Wish I had cable TV in the garage.

Pictures finally, and lots of them. I still need to fit this fin to my box. Somehow it’s way too wide, not sure what I was thinking but I could swear I had worked it out to fit beforehand.

Tracing the pattern (done in adobe by a friend)


Fill coat

You can see how different lighting really changes how the colors show up. I think you can probably only tell that there is blue on the outside layer in person, even though the yellow and blue are seperated by a clear layer, ensuring that there was no mixing of the colors physically, the light always seems to mix the blue and yellow.

If I remember right it was 8 blue, 1 clear, 7 yellow, 7 clear, 7 yellow, 1 clear, 8 blue.

You can see the clear in the middle around the edges of the foil.

I can never get a good smooth coat with poly on fill coats to basically I filled it after foiling, then sanded it to the right shape again (the PE usually slides off the edges of the fin leaving a dip while still staying thick in the center) and I spray glossed it with Krylon clear coat. I might buff the clear coat since the spray is not that smooth though it does optically look good.

Anyone know if you can buff Krylon clear coat?