yellow spots under the lam

Hey 'lockers–

Hope all is well in the community. I’ve shaped my first board (PU) and glassed both sides (MEKP). I didn’t have enough sanding resin to do a hot coat so I put the board away for a couple of weeks. When I took it out of the racks yesterday, I noticed three significant yellow spots, almost like burn marks, on the deck. They weren’t there after the initial glassing.

I stored the board upright, nowhere near a heat source. In looking though the archived discussions, past theories for yellowing have been poor gloves and/or a bleeding squeegie. I used the cheap but non-colored disposables and I’ve had the squeegie for years with no prior issues. Besides, I think if either of these were the culprit the spots wouldn’t be so randomly placed on the deck (3 spots in all).

I’ve attached a few pictures in hopes you can advise. I have a high tolerance for cosmetic issues as this is my first board but I’d like to be able to avoid this in the future (and am still perplexed why the spots weren’t there 2 wks ago). Also any thoughts on covering them up? White pigment? Pre- or post-hot coat?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Erin Go Bragh

(pics embedded by moderator)

for the young’uns out there… here’s one of the rorschach test results…Natch!!!

It might be supernatural, I think I see Jesus flipping the peace sign in that top photo.

Those are catalyst burns . Probably had some left on your gloves then you laid down the lam. Dip your hands in acetone before going to wet out this will eliminate this from happening. Or your bucket was not fully mixed . See it on occasion in the shop.

Fascinating. I had no idea this was a possibility. Thanks a million, PPS.


If the throw away gloves are rubber.  That's a problem.  This is your first board and you've had the squeege for years??

Yes, years. Lots of boards, lots of surfing, lots of ding repair. :o)

LOL! Maybe I should leave it in! To me, the board looks like a diner counter with a bunch of coffee rings on it.


print out your photos and sketch around and over them with a dark pencil…I think they potentially look like waves or a surfer on a wave if you try hard enough… use your imagination… it’s accidental art.  if you like your sketches, hot coat the board and sand it…outline the yellow spots with dark paint pen lines… seal it or gloss over… in other words run with it.

or you could cover them up with printed logos or a fabric inlay, maybe… or just leave them there and you’ll have something to talk about in between sets (oh yeah I MEANT to do that on the deck… it’s so nobody steals my board…)


Nah.  That’s the Zig-Zag man.  Or–  Could be Mr. Natural.

Hapenstance is the mother

of inspired ART…

hot coat and sand

then with your finest point

archetectural felt tip

drafting pen set go to town 

and reveal the magic

of the moment that caused

this message from a parrallel

universe. You will be rewarded with

 a cornicopia of ‘what is that?’ questions

that you can assemble obtuse responses

one after another none being the same.

in the human comedy there is nothing 

finer than a straight line in the form

of a casual query.


the folly of whimsy

is a breath of fresh air

when the seriousness

gets to be too much.

are you havin’ fun yet?

Prove it.