Yellowing Filler Coat UV Resin

Hi anyone, I have been glassing with UV activated resin. I use Bennett polyurathane foam and Dion laminating resin. Recently I have been painting the blanks ‘white’ using an acrylic lucite paint. The obvious intention was to create a board that will hold up to uv effects of the sun and stop it from yellowing. However since I have painted the blanks it has had an adverse effect and the boards have been coming out an off white. At the laminating stage, they look all good but as soon as it is filler coated the look kind of yellowish…I have checked the paint I am using and it is not contaminated. Is it possible the styrene wax solution that I add to the laminating resin to make filler coat is past its useby date and can lead to yellowing ? Or is it possible that I may have under painted the board and the resin is reacting inconsistently ?

Or maybe my glassing enviroment is to cold ? Has anyone got any possible solutions ? Cheers Steve

I’ve UV cured Dion resin before for hotcoating and never had any problems with it. Not leaving it in the sun too long are you?

Hi there Mr Unfaithful,

Sorted out the problem. I was trying to make a super light board. I was going to use one layer of 4Oz for the deck only.

I continued filler coating and the glass job was all good. At was at this stage that I had second thoughts about only having one layer of 4 Oz under my front foot. And decided to glass another 4Oz patch over an existing hot coated glass area. WRONG This is what made the area turn yellow.

Thanks for the feedback. And you are probably right about other contributing factors of over exposure to sun uv .

Regards Steve