yet another fish fin question

i just finished my 6’8 fish and i am having a really hard time finding a good fin for it. i am looking for something with a long base and not a lot of height. i would rather by but building is also an option. any suggestions would be great.

Contact Rainbow Fin Co, they make some awesome fish fins, box or glass on.


Look up the pdf “surfboard design and construction” on this site,it has a steve lis template for fins(9"x5") in it. I have four templates for fish now ,9x5,7x5, 6-3/4x 5-1/4, and a 5"x6" all are based on that fin(two templates were given to me) two of the four are going on boards for the first time this month, so we will see how they ride. They (7x5, 9x5) have plenty of drive and hold…I have yet to break the 9x5s loose…butt like the 7x5s better. Take the one off the pdf and start playing with the curves…make your own you will enjoy it more. Have fun…

Hey mate.

Go ahead and make your own, it’s not hard. Draw up your own templates, study the foil on other fins.

Re size, I first made a pair of 6 3/4 (base) x 4 3/4, and they went very well, but were very easy to slide. I’ve now settled on very similar fins, but a tad bigger at 7 x 5. The difference is remarkable, so I suggest you make a few and swap until you find the ones that suit your riding style. It doensn’t take long to grind two fins off and glass new ones on, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Good luck