Yet Another HD Board

Finally decided to call the board project done, flaws and all. Otherwise, it could drag on forever trying to correct the mistakes made (as expected for a first board). Glad it’s done, don’t know how long it’ll be before I do another, but I still have resin to use up, so who knows? Additional pictures are in the Resource section. Glad I did it, but not really interested in doing it a lot more. Here’s some reflections on the final few processes, other than realizing why pros get what they do for a board:

Either paint the blank or paint the lam coat. Painting after hotcoat is not a good idea. Too close to the surface during final sanding.

Watch sanding around high spots and rails, the coats are thinnest there and easy to sand through. The board actually has a pretty big sand through spot on the tail, it’s just not visible in the picture. Oh well, it’s done now.

Resin Research epoxy lived up to it’s billing. Much easier to sand than SB112 and cheaper, too.

Rails ended up even softer than I imagined. Might be because of the 6oz, probably because I didn’t shape them hard enough to start with to compensate for the glass “rounding” them off during lam process.

The logos have to go on before hot coat and under the lam would be even better. Too much problem worrying about sanding through to them, otherwise.

Rice paper didn’t come out as transparent as I thought. Trim closer to the logo itself, next time? Wet out even more thoroughly, possibly with epoxy minus the addetive F? It makes the epoxy a little cloudy and what’s trapped under the logo might have caused the cloudy problem?

Other than that, thank you, Swaylocks. I can’t even tell you how much I learned here and this project wouldn’t be possible without it.

Any suggestions as to how to deal with the above problems are welcome.

One question I have is a differing of opinions I’ve read here. Do I sand the lam coat, the hotcoat or both (not the laps, I ground them)? I didn’t sand the lam, but did sand the hotcoat and final coat.

Any suggestions as to how to deal with the above problems are welcome.

yes, go surfing and enjoy your accomplishment…nice job.

Rails - i don’t know about the epoxy process but with traditional glassing (if that’s acceptable… or polyester), I always tape around the bottom edge to create a hard edge when I paint the laps before doing the hotcoat. I bring the tape up forward of the fins, run it into the rails and then keep the hard edge when I sand. this has been for shortboards but the process would be the same, I imagine, for longboards, if you wanted to run a hard edge.

Other than that, there are far more proficient people to help - ride and enjoy, it’s a great feeling surfing something you made yourself.