Single fin adventure!

New Quiver Addition


WIDE base fin

Waxing up

Sea Dart


18 1/4"

Narrow pin tail

fin has a 13" base! and 8 1/2" depth.

I really enjoy it.

where’s the shots of you surfing it Josh ?

is that ‘Bendy’ in the background in that last shot ??

cheers !



is that ‘Bendy’ in the background in that last shot ??

the little digital camera has no zoom so no surfing shots. its North Werri in the background.


I love the first shot, its lke a dream of mine, hike through the woods to find a sweet surf spot…how awesome…

Thanks Tom! it sure is fun.

hey Josh,

you’ll love this man.

i jumped on the internet yesterday morning at about 8am and saw this post and your new board and was wondering about Sea Dart. anyway a couple of hours later i called my mate Craig who rides old boards also and has just been on a trip down to Ulladulla. he picked up a Carabine and started telling me about another board he almost bought on saturday. he said it was kind of narrow and gunny and green with this huge fin base almost like a keel fin. i was thinking that it sounded very familiar. anyway i was starting to think of your board and he said it was a Sea Dart. man, he even said he saw it at a surf shop called Surf’s Up and i remembered that blue flag with yellow writing in the background of your picture. i told him that i’d just seen it and that you had bought it. he said it was in Gerringong i think, is that right? anyway, he was sort of lamenting not picking it up but he didn’t have room for another board to bring back but was stoked that you had bought it waxed it ridden it photographed it and had it on the internet all by monday morning even after he saw it in the shop on saturday.

after all that i really hope it is the same board.


Cheers Lucas!

thats cool!

definatly the same board. i rode it today in some clean 6’ footers and it rode really well. i’m super stoked!

you’ve got good taste Craig!

thanks luke. thats awesome.

hi Josh ,

what a GREAT birthday present , eh ?

where did you surf ?

[manly looked alright on todays surf cam !]

so …

how about telling us how it felt …


bottom turn

pull in ?


cutties ?

?floaters ?


…did you rip like Lee does ???

cheers !


Well North Steyne was about 6’ at it’s peak and was super fun. you could get in really early and have total confidence in the drop. i made some big ones today but i’m sure lee could have made bigger.

bottom turns are great too no slide or sketchyness in big waves. (HOORAY!)

didn’t get too much floaters but got a little tube at queensie. (it was considerabaly smaller just 100 yards up the beach…)

had super fun!



Ps… you know in “fantasea” when MR rides his Reno Single fin backhand. thats what it feels like in lefts.

fun, fun, fun.

and the bower was breaking too ?

or not ?

what’s the forecast there for tomorrow , then Josh ?

…I will have to watch “fantasea” again tonight ! what colour is the “reno” single fin you mentioned ?

cheers !



Bower was breaking quite playfully at 6’. way too crowded though.

i surfed it at 6-8’ last week and whilst i got some good waves and pull into a tube… i got dropped in on. i much prefer the surf up at north steyne and queenscliff. i don’t fancy the south steyne straight hander.

The Reno board is yellow on the deck with a red rail and bottom combo, and a red lightning bolt.

not quite shaw of tommorows forcast. i’ll have a check.




The “Reno” board is yellow on the deck with a red rail and bottom combo, and a red lightning bolt.

…is THIS it ???

Thats the one! that is how the dart feels backhand. really nice weaving from the tail. great movie!

and cutbacks, my first wave was a big right which i just pulled into and held a nice line, hand skimming the face (normally i don’t make big waves because i’d ride a smaller board and get in late and shakey) and make the section to the shoulder and do a nice long cuttie. it sure was fun today.