yikes !! shaaaark pt.2

good mate Karl , back in perth , sent me this , a few days ago …


 he came close to losing a mate , I’d say … luckily for them both  , no bite[s] were received …


[ shades of what Wayne Lynch described , in the extras on the dvd , ‘uncharted waters’ ]


this was the accompanying commentary , in the email…



Subject: Esperance white


White pointer ,  buzzing Andy Jonson at westies on Sunday.

Andy rides mini-mals which are over 7 foot long.

  first  photo is Andy ,  sitting watching it come at him . Second photo is where Andy starts paddling in , and the shark is bending in the wave , coming up on his legs. Shark size estimated at 3-4m.


Nice day though, 35 degrees and I scored pumping waves a couple of bays around. "

photo ScreenShot2014-09-21at1_37_58pm_zps82daf75f.pngphoto ScreenShot2014-09-21at1_37_38pm_zpsfd474184.png


[ just as an aside… Esperance has had TWO shark fatalities , previously …]

Wow - scary!

A friend was spearfishing recently and as he was swimming near the bottom he noticed the sunlight had been blocked out. He looked up to see a GW swimming near the surface and estimated it was about 15’ feet long. This was right near a local surf break on a flat day, in about 20’ of water. He sat still and the shark just swam on by.

We’ve had a huge increase in the local seal population over the last two decades. Gray seals and harbor seals. It was only a matter of time before the landlord started showing up frequently. There are sightings most every month from about May to December.

I have nightmares that look like that pic. Man was he lucky.

yep the large bronze whaler that swam under my board and I in lancelin in 2012 still visits me in my dreams too…

geeze looks like theres alot of activity going on over there ben. You hear about the latest guy who lost his arm and left hand in esperance, council has been advising the locals not to go into the water so i guess he took his chances.


Folk’s - after reading about your post I decided to read about the attacks and I found out a 23 yr old surfer survived a vicious attack in which he lost a hand and part of his arm! Apparently he made it to shore - thank God. As sad as it is losing his lower arm and hand - he made it back to shore! I think he survived? Let’s send some prayers for him for a speedy recovery.

As for the predators, a “Shark Patrol Unit” took action and fished out two sizey GW Sharks and killed them. I’ll keep you posted if I hear of any updates.