"You Beauty!"

Or not…

dam it ha

Wow. Scarce was she a woman before the gods called her to Olympia. Or whatever. She sure was purty though

where is the ding?

haha cheers!

it was the best longboard i’ve ever rode.

9’1 x 22 1/4 x 2 5/8"

18" nose x 14" tail

Noseconcave to ve to double concave through the tail

super thin rails sharp in the tail to a more blended classic noserider through the mid

quite a bit of rocker both nose and tail

mostly rode with a 9.5" single fin.

It’s to expensive to be repaired for the 3rd time when you dont have a job. so for now it will live on my wall the template will be saved and one day if i have the money to put it back together.

alternatly keep it for a grom in the future.

the board taught me a lot about how good longboards are designed. and single handedly shaped my surfing more than anythink else.

If i had the money to purchase a new board just like it i would go

with 9’3" x 22 5/8" x 2 7/8" with a 18 3/4" nose and a 14 3/4" tail. probably like the Dane Wilson model Gordan and Smith.

for now its very lucky that i have a new 9’4" as I have a contest on the weekend.

only thing is the 9’4 is so far lacking in noseriding. too little rocker, too big rails and no concave to nose ride like the other one but time will tell if my skill as a surfer can over come this or finding a fin that turns it in to a full on nose devil : ) i might even resort to a turbo tunnel… gosh hay hahah

Cheers Guys


where is the ding?

ha plenty on the rails. it went into the rocks : (

Doesn’t Keith Melville have a “re-boarderator” for exactly this circumstance? I’d start thinking of a bribe…

haha i’m in Australia : )

2 boards for the price of 1.

Wouldn’t be expencive if you repaired it yourself and not as hard as it looks. If your not working at the moment you got plenty of time to work on it, I’m sure a fellow swaylocker in Au would be more than happy to give you enough resin and cloth for the job.

Maybe you could try to make a portable travel board

out of it.

I just finished mine :

Peirre - that boardwhat dimensions? The fin - very rigid o flexy? very cool coming apart like that.



Fin is flexy (“long curvy” by fluidfoils → http://www.fluidfoils.com.au/retrofins.html).

Below is the board template. Outline is quite inspired by Steve Brom’s Stepchild.

It has a flat deck for ease of storage and assembly and to minimize suitcase space (the whole thing fits in a case that meet the 158cm airline max luggage regulation) :

More pics :

hi pierre,

that looks fantastic what you have done , i have often thought about making something similar my self but just could/nt think of a way to join it up that would be strong enough , how have you joined yours , pete

Hi Peteuk,

The faces are reinforced with 6oz fiberglass as follow

(no an easy task with the 90° angle, you need to

baby sit the laminate till it fully cures) :

board is then laminated with carbon fiber :

Next, I laminated three strips of 6oz glass in each hole.

Next, I glue in the plugs. Plugs are made from a standard US fin box

(I just cut some slices of the box and glue a sheet of plastic to

make a bottom for the plugs).

Faces are covered by 3mm PVC.

Stainless steel bolts are drilled on each face so that

it can be tightened. I cut the square nuts for a

piece of brass.

Some alignement pins on the face plates

allow for perfect and easy alignment.

Tried the board for the first time last sunday and it rides

great and holds well. Stoked !

The weakest points are the brass nuts (If there’s really

too much pressure, these will slightly bend.), which is

quite a good thing as it hopefully would work as a fuse.

bad ass pierre, cant wait to make a kneeboard that fits in a bodyboard bag , :slight_smile:

is carbon absolutely required? or will a heavvy glass job work 6,6,6 over 6,6oz? and will 1ib eps work? thanks…this is great, im stoked!

great job mate. pure genius.

sorry about your snap josh

lucky you have a few mals eh ?


perish the thought ,

you would have to revert to SHORTboarding , huh ?

…i hope your snap gets fixed quicker than MINE did ! [maybe you could do the same , trade a trashed board for the snap fix ??]



…you were out surfing when i tried ringing you this morning , so you have obviously gone through the grieving process VERY quickly eh mate ?


This is great!

I didn’t think it could be possible.

I will copy you… :wink: so I’ll be able to go surfing on my motorcycle!


That is the most innovative backyard board I’ve seen in a while. Been thinking about if it was possible to do a home-brewed pope bisect like board, but your really did it and made it work too. Wow!


Awesome stuff, those conectors are really invavative, but so simple, now I see them I feel like the answer has been under my nose the whole time. Must have taken some balls to cut the shapped blank up.


I’m now wondering if I could make a balsa 6 fish fish that would fit in a 2’x2’x7 1/5" bag.