You know you've overdone Sway time when...

… you dream that you go visit Chipfish (whom you’ve never spoken to or even replied to) in Oz to surf waterfalls. As it turns out, chip is a very good waterfall surfer–not sure how many fins he uses for that. I actually dreamed that the other night, which leads me to believe that perhaps I should be using a respirator when laminating with RR epoxy.

I take it this was a wet dream?

Aaarrgh. That is a negative!

sorry, I mean there was a waterfall and everything…figured you’d get wet too. OR did ya wear a dry suit :wink:

Haha mate, i’ve met the mighty chipfish… been round to his place to do all sorts of stuff like fix his messed up computer… and let me tell you… its one hell raising experience…

THE CHIP is 7 foot 5 with massive build… tattooes everywhere… has peircings everywhere on his face even his eyelids… and he eats kids…

so your dream is probably more a nightmare if you knew the reality

have i left anything out “tsip”?


dear me …

sounds like my time here at “Sways” has really messed you up , guys. (Must be contagious, I guess).

Maybe it’s time for me to pull back a bit.


“I’m only 5’1” [ iggy pop ]

you think thats a weird dream…

once i had a dream about surfing Burleigh Heads on a 5’4 1" wide metal rod with a fin. and Joel Parkinson was riding them too!

I’ve had some very goood and insparing surfboard design dreams too.

like one with a really round spoon and ply wood rudder the spun side too side while you surfed long uncrowded biggerwindy beach breakright handers WAY out the back on the North Coast.

Thats right, tatts, rings, leather clothes more a biker than surfer.