your kidding...

Now i don’t won’t to sound jerkish but this is ridiculous.

its a drawring of a shark for peeps sake! hardly a great white repellent!

will we be seing this as an addition to your new longboard ben? hehe!

have a look at the ‘concept’ page it reminds me of

…nice how the sharks teeth are aimed right for the guy’s gooleys , too , eh ?

If it works once it has saved a life. the life you save could be your own.

But they look tacky , maybe if the shark had a mohawk or a bunga hangin" out its mouth

I heard sharks don’t like eye contact. It could be much safer than it looks.

And besides, it might be the mating season…

My first thought was “idiots”…

Then I read Doc’s comment. After the giggles passed I thought “maybe they just want to get laiud REALLY BADLY”.


do sharks eat oter sharks?