Your opinion on this Bonzer egg please

Hi, Swaylock’s wise ladies & men, As an enthousiastic longboarder I’m looking for a good travelboard that holds in bigger waves as well. Definately looking for a bonzer kinda thing. Is this a board (see link) I might be looking for? I’m not sure about the width in the nose, might be a bit difficult in steeper waves… Cheers!

Jan - the Netherlands, Europe


 looks like more ofa Longboard then an egg.  Other then that looks OK hard to tell from photos.  If you are looking fora travel board  with the idea of getting into some bigger waves This might not be the best 

…what Artz said is right.

I can add that for hollow waves you should look for modern curves not these retro stuff; very difficult to locate a Bonzer modern egg.

An egg more than 7 6 is not an egg due to the other dims do not fit right.Try to look for something like this:

For sizey waves I had luck on a late seventies single fin. FYI. It was just a standard short board. Nowadays, it might be a thruster?