Your thoughts on Aku shaper minimalibu design

Hello everyone,


Thanks for the great place you have, I found all sort of great info on just about everything!  I just took up surfing, moving away from years of windsurfing and decided it was time to get my own board (been using friends’ boards…).  I’d like to save up the money to get a nice board later on, when I can really enjoy it, and decided to start off by making a funboard or minimalibu (I’m pretty handy, and it’ll always be good to have one around).  

The only design I could find was the demo template that comes with the Aku Shaper software.  Has anybody tested it, or has any opinion on it?  I though maybe a little vee in the tail might be good to dial in to help it change direction easier, any thoughts?   Also, it doesn’t show the fin positions, can someone help me decide where to put them?


Thanks for all your help!

Shape3d has quite a collection of pre-shapes for free download or installed when you install.



Thanks, but I could find them on their web site.  Do you need to install Shape 3D?  I think its only for PC and won’t work on this ol mac… 

between boardcad and aku , you should be able to open the shape3d files.

Shape3d is a windows executable, boardcad and aku are both Java.


>Thanks, but I could find them on their web site.

is there a grammar error here, as in you could find them?



on the other hand if you dont have access to Shape3d files.

Go to a friends house, install, put files on thumb drive , uninstall.


Yes, sorry: a missing n’t makes a lot of difference!  I’ll look for a pc to install shape3d.  In the meantime, has anybody tried the minimal on Akushaper?  

Just thought I’d post what the board will look like after I shortened a little and whittled the nose…

Well, I started shaping it!  I guess no one has done an exact minimal from aku shaper-neither have I!  It will come out a different, hopefully good enough!  I want to thank surding for his excellent advice on where to put the fins and more.  I’ll try and post a pic when it’s finished.



Is it just me?  That file you posted doesn't look anything like a mini-mal to me.


OK, I guess I stand corrected.  I just did an image search on internet, and I see a wide variety of shapes in the 7' range are being called "mini-mal" nowadays. 

I always pictured a mini-mal as a wide, thick board based on the classic Malibu longboard shape, but just shortened. 

Like the word "fish", which is often used to describe any twin fin, the term mini-mal is pretty much used to describe any board in the 7-8' range now.


Hope you share some pics of your creation as it progresses!