You're a good man Barry Synder

I just read your post on futures boxes and acetone and was reminded how lucky we are to have you here. Referring to “here” metaphorically. Where ever “here” maybe be.  

Anyway, seriously, thank you. You are a good and patient man. 

All the best

Whoops. I can’t even spell your name right. Sorry. 

All the best

Anything I can do to further the cause.

…hey man, Im a photography enthusiast and this one is a pretty cool one.

If you did it by yourself (due to the focus and go back to position); I tell ya that worked a treat.

Barry is…

Da Bess

Kind and good soul.

A great resource…

Jess a little naive

I know that guy!

Eh! Barry…


The guy could just smell vodka…


have an open bottle of vodka in you shaping bay!

Shame on you! HA! LOL

Velzy’s ghost loves shaping and

Watch out for your booze!

It’s always a good time to appreciate one of the ‘good guys’ . 

Slowly our ranks thin, (not that Barrys going anywhere ) but random thanks for Barrys advice and generosity is never late.

No showboating, no bitching, no pissy snide comments, just a decent guy sharing and helping where he can.

I’m sure you’re a great guy in ‘real life’ too !